Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where did the banana and apple come from?

So I just had to divert myself from continuously thinking about shoes, Christmas and a school paper due tomorrow. Thus, food must be my last resort.

Earlier this evening, my dinner date with Nixie, Leah, Patty and Mich finally pushed through  after weeks of continuously planning which seemed to never get through our different schedules. It was in one restaurant in Katipunan which was undoubtedly not unnoticeable when people pass through the area. For one, its exteriors is very inviting with that castle-ish style and with the fact that its parking area is always full! Then I wondered what's this thing about Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes. 

While waiting for Mich. Nixie, Leah and Patty!

We ordered our respective food from this cozy counter. This menu isn't complete though. They have this separate one which they give out upon entering the restaurant.

Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne (P185)

Fettucine Jacinta (P170) 

Fetuccine Magnifico (P170)

My order: Banapple's House Salad (P135)

I missed you, Nixie!  

...and Mich too... and everybody else! 

Yay! Hello, Mich :) Just in time for dessert! 

After eating our main courses, the usual chika-han session about random things went over for around two hours. And then Nixie and I finally decided to order a slice of Santa's Chipper Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake:

Despite its long name, this scrumptious slice was definitely worth it! We can't even breathe properly with what we've all eaten. 

I swear we had a hard time choosing which slice of cake we should buy! 
Next must-try: Potion Cake!  


Of course, we wouldn't miss that obligatory group photo! :)

Over-all, Banapple is one of the restaurants which I consider to have really reasonable prices with commendable amount of serving! The waitresses were also very accommodating and friendly. However, there were times when people ordering from the counter cause the lower floor to be somewhat crowded. Then again, their servings and reasonable prices were able to make up for all of it! I should definitely go back soon.

This should be the first of the semi-gluttonous holiday that I'm expecting to have. Haha!
Happy December 1st! :)

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[pinkc00kies] said...

super love banapple too!! cakes are awesome esp. banoffee pie, honey crunch cake, apple crumble pie and reese's cake <3

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