Friday, November 11, 2011

First Day

, While I may be thinking why I wasn't so far neither enthusiastic nor too tired to go to school yesterday, it was my blog which fueled my senses. The continuous thinking of whether what I should post in here somehow kept me energized. For the record, I am actually in full gratitude to myself that I finally found that feeling again after how many years --- the enthusiasm for blogging. Then again, these bloggers I have come across, even at random, inspired me to get back to my thoughts, to think again and to breathe like a true blue blogger.

Speaking of the word "random", I just decided to post these scrap photos until I find another decent event to blog about namely later's Make a wish this 11-11-11 at Banchetto in Ortigas which was what everyone's raving about --- in Facebook or Twitter at the very least. To give a brief idea of what it is actually about, this event was organized to celebrate the 11-11-11 belief for prosperity while lighting up lanterns. You may view more about it here. Another perfect time to celebrate with loved ones!

Our team's prize during the Love Diva Bloggers Camp event. Story here.

Etude House's BB Cream! The one that saved me from freaky, large eyebags.

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Nadine Natalin said...

love your necklace btw im having my first blog giveaway and it would be nice if you join

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