Thursday, January 7, 2010


1. Blouse with ruffles
2. Nike shirt
3. Blouse with flowery patterns (Forever 21)
4. Gray and white-striped long sleeves (Old Navy)
5. Green pants
6. NY & Co. violet bag

So we already received the stuff our relatives sent us from the States yesternight that we had to go to Cainta to get them. Anyway, that pair of pants was too big for me.

Haha. Wala lang. May masabi lang.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brought to you by Philips

My earphones got broken. Sad :(

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What you call "anything under the sun"

Trixie and Enchees: two of the greatest people I've ever met at UA&P.

Those 4 were taken individually using my laptop's webcam at McDo Pearl Drive.

During stress and quiz-free days, I and my blockmates (with Renzo harhar) take time to dine out around Pearl Drive where great restaurants were put.

Anyway, this day is an exception. We're (not all of us, though) stressing over our programming homework that was due today at 12 noon. Since we didn't do it during the vacation, we got to exercise a skill we're so good at: cramming. I wonder why we love to stress out ourselves when we have the whole time to do it.

On the other note, let me talk about the greatest block ever. (That's the only block I'll ever have.) Let me have something to summarize what has happened over the eight-month range we've been together.

Photos were not taken by me and are copyrighted to their owner.

Lots did happen. We lost some blockmates to CAS but still we love each other. Yihee, cheesy! Why am I reminiscing anyway? It's not like it's March already, is it?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I can't believe is happening

I'm in a current state of denial. Seryoso.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The street with the sesame on it

Second day, yes? I had nothing special to talk about when the day ended :( because the planner I ordered from Korea didn't arrive yet. It was supposed to today when the person I ordered it from texted me about shipping blahblah so it would arrive on December 4 instead. So fortunately I got something to talk about here: my new Sesame Street shirt!

Since SM Megamall had this mega-superduper-wide sale, my family and I just had to go there. HA-HA-HA. We actually didn't spend much buying whatever we wanted 'cause we're just gonna spend it on summer. What's happening? No, I'm not having a debut party whatsoever but it's much better than that, I think. Going back to the topic, I just had it for P300! It wasn't on sale, btw. I liked it on the first sight so I just thought, "I have to buy that!" but the thing is, my thought was in Tagalog.

PS: This. is. wrong. (Chansung and Taekyeon of 2PM)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Always Comes First

After too many delays (2 years?), I've finally decided to, yes FINALLY, finish a Project 365.

What's Project 365?

I won't answer that for you because I'm a lazy person when it comes to explaining so Google it. Maybe there are 952173847034785029385 search results present there.

Happy New Year! We've finally entered a new year. I think everyone's excited about it. People are, like, posting "2010 will be better," "I'm gonna rock 2010!" shenanigans but really, good luck.

This picture was taken past 12 midnight of January 1. We've just had dinner that time, as you can see. We celebrated New Year at Cainta. Since we're only 3 in the house (yes, I'm an only child) plus our helper, we usually go there everytime there's a family celebration. We have three families there:

MONTEMAYOR FAMILY: Tito Eller (white shirt), Tita Ana (orange shirt), Mathew (young boy wearing glasses)

VELASCO FAMILY: Tito Yong, Tita Cristy, Rylan and Meejo (they're the people left who wore red)

LIM FAMILY: Papa (green shirt), Mama (blue shirt) and me (pink shirt)

The rest who weren't mentioned are our helpers.

Fireworks were our thing in the past years but since my father got really injured that one time, we slowed down on buying them. We had "fountains" and "lusis" for this year which was really worth it! We also prepared games though we didn't have much time since everyone was still tired because we slept at 2 AM the other day.

And yes, we all had fun and full stomachs :
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