Sunday, January 27, 2013

So, you want to engage in being health conscious? A Feature on Sugarleaf

Ever since I got a little crazy being health-conscious and all, I’ve been stuffing nutritional facts into my head that, in this post, it got a little difficult to summarize into three (or so lines) what I needed to say because everything just had to be explained! Most especially that we’re now bombarded with these fad diets telling us, “lose weight in 30 days” or “get skinny and eat all the carbs that you want”; as well as when many of us are misinformed of particular health terms that we neglect those that are even important for our well-being.  Consequently, eating healthy doesn’t mean counting calories and totally staying away from what’s fatty from your diet but consciously striving hard to eat what’s really healthy and combining it with regular exercise. Then again, the diet I’m referring to here isn’t essentially about those fad ones and instead, that of a healthy but natural one. Furthermore, losing weight wasn’t my primary goal in keeping myself healthy, when I finally decided to be healthy and staying away from fast food restaurants, but I really wanted to distance myself away from ailments that kept me from my daily activities. However, when I eat out, I tend to order a plate of salad or something healthy that even unconsciously I restrain myself from going to a fast food restaurant counter.

Mr. Angelo Songco, co-owner of Sugarleaf, believed that being healthy isn’t merely eating what’s “organic” or “nourishing” and be literally bitter about it. It had to, as well, satisfy the taste and be delectable for the people’s taste especially for kids who are not so much in good terms with eating vegetables for starters. Furthermore, Sugarleaf is more of an organic restaurant rather than your usual "ay gulay lang?" vegetarian restaurant. 

At Sugarleaf, as our restaurant and store offerings are as organic and natural as possible, food is naturally weight-reducing, detoxifying, anti-oxidising (make you look and feel young) and energy boosting.  We ensure that food choices taste great so it appeals to all people dispelling the misconception that healthy organic food is bland, tasteless and boring.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Before I leave off to cater to another hideous amount of pile of work, I wanted to post something here in my food blog simply because I miss it. I've been lessening my random dine-out days as a dare. Anyhow, cheat days are always welcome but still limited. In one of those days, though, was with Nixie at Cyma in EDSA Shangri-la Plaza for some catching-up. And, however we were kind of in a tight budget, we still managed to have a good time --- with good food, of course!

Greece, much more Greek food, has never been to much of an interest for me but since that day, I changed my mind! More, please! :)

Garlic bread was served for our appetizer

Cyma Original Saganaki (P220)
Flaming cheese with mozzarella, parmesan and EVOO

Chicken Gyro (P180)
With tomatoes, red onions, tzatziki and wrapped in pita

Roka Pasta (P320)
Cyma Original - Sautéed arugula (Roka) and spaghetti with EVOO, 
pine nuts, grated parmigiano reggiano and fresh tomatoes

I felt really full after we had everything! That time, however, their arugula wasn't available which was sad. Then again, the Saganaki seemed to have filled me up for it. It was the first time I tried the dish and I'd love to have it again the next time I dine in at Cyma. 

Oh! And, on Thursday, I'm having a restaurant feature --- a healthy one at that! Please watch out for it 'cause I'm really enthusiastic about this food place. :D

6th Level, Shangri-la Plaza
Mandaluyong City

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