Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wake me up... or let me sleep.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Everything has gone completely absurd... and fast. It felt like I've been chasing time for the past months since June. What happened to the "I'm gonna rock this sem!" thought? Has it vanished?

I'm not completely isolating the idea that yes, at least, I have accomplished and achieved a matter of things but what I'm feeling now is absolutely different. I feel so tired and rest is just another word in the dictionary that I've been neglecting. Blahblahblahworkworkwork.

On the on the other note, though, I'm telling myself to have more than a liter of optimism to get me done with the things that have to be done. Besides, it's only my own self that should do that. I guess, let us (you, me and everyone!) have a piece of cake think of happy thoughts like Peter Pan does, shall we?

Let's cheer to another month in 4 days! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The overflowing satisfaction for my Korean food cravings. (a repost)

A repost from my Tumblr account :)

An hour after our Korean language at @KCCPHIL began, 비키 선생님 and the class decided to go to the not-so-nearby Korean grocery in The Fort. We settled down ourselves with the food we bought and talked amongst ourselves our plan for next week's graduation. *tears* How time went so fast.... *starts singing Arirang...*

Anyway, these are some of the food we bought...

The ice cream sandwich I loved very much at the Sun Han Mart in Taguig~

My classmates and sunsaengnim mixed packs of Korean junk food and distributed it.

This tikoy-ish snack from Lotte from Ate Kristen :)

Little did I know that it wasn't the end of it because we actually ended up at Shin Dang Dong, a Korean restaurant in A. Venue Mall near P. Burgos Street in Makati.

The oh-so-awesome-and-always-hungry Kimbap Team Ate Flor, me and Ate Kristen with the team's "honorary member", (as they called him XD) Patrick.

Ate Toni holding the dear patbingsoo, Kuya Jonah and Cathy 어머니~

The uncooked tteokbokki which was later added with cheese (see sign :P) and ramyeon.

Chicken! :D On it are peanuts, btw.

The never-ending dosage of kimbap... We're living up our team name... lol

Patbingsoo~ nomnom~ Despite the fullness of our stomachs, we managed to finish a large bowl!

Finally, I can say that I'm not craving for Korean food anymore! And I'm pretty much preparing my appetite for tomorrow's agenda, a make-up class at another Korean restaurant just near this place. Oh, thank you to Ate Kristen and Ate Cathy for a big part of this :D Team Kimbap 대.....박!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011




For what I thought was complete stress-free night, I finally convinced my father to have our dinner at Jeon Won, Don Antonio. It was our second time to dine in there. The first wasn't so much of a pleasant experience for both at my parents at that time as they were saying that the food I ordered were too spicy. (I'm sorry I didn't know!) Anyway, I'm glad my dad found it delicious now that I've ordered nothing spicy meaning, kimbap and bibimbap.

Now that I think about it, what I've ordered were too heavy for my stomach to be full. Bap in Korean means 'rice', by the way. That must've been the reason behind it --- why it's so heavy that I can still feel it until lunch time tomorrow. I just know it.

Yesterday felt glorious, though. The sky was just amazing... same as how my phone camera was when I took these photos:

I'm sorry for the low quality-ness. Hello there, stress. I'll fight you off and let optimism emerge.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looks like there's no class in the morning tomorrow.

Mirror, mirror me
Horror, Horror, Scary, Me
Happy Holloween

This haiku attempt of Chris for Dave's supposed-to-be topic about his "narcissism." It was intended as a joke.

After being dismissed from our Philo Anthro class, I went straight to La Salle to meet up with Arysse. The plan became like this: since I really wanted to eat ramyeon because my father wasn't so welcome with the idea of it yesterday, we decided to first go to Holly's and order our drinks. Afterwards, we went straight to Mashitta... or Masshita, a Korean-Japanese restaurant at the University Mall in Taft. Aside from fulfilling my craving for ramyeon, I also ordered kimchi being still bitter about not being able to "celebrate" Chuseok yesterday.

I used my phone camera to take these pictures so the quality's like, VLAH.

Finally, Holly's!

The regular Hollycino (left) I ordered was decent but the other
called White Chocolate was somehow sweet for my taste.

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