Thursday, September 15, 2011




For what I thought was complete stress-free night, I finally convinced my father to have our dinner at Jeon Won, Don Antonio. It was our second time to dine in there. The first wasn't so much of a pleasant experience for both at my parents at that time as they were saying that the food I ordered were too spicy. (I'm sorry I didn't know!) Anyway, I'm glad my dad found it delicious now that I've ordered nothing spicy meaning, kimbap and bibimbap.

Now that I think about it, what I've ordered were too heavy for my stomach to be full. Bap in Korean means 'rice', by the way. That must've been the reason behind it --- why it's so heavy that I can still feel it until lunch time tomorrow. I just know it.

Yesterday felt glorious, though. The sky was just amazing... same as how my phone camera was when I took these photos:

I'm sorry for the low quality-ness. Hello there, stress. I'll fight you off and let optimism emerge.

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