Saturday, September 17, 2011

The overflowing satisfaction for my Korean food cravings. (a repost)

A repost from my Tumblr account :)

An hour after our Korean language at @KCCPHIL began, 비키 선생님 and the class decided to go to the not-so-nearby Korean grocery in The Fort. We settled down ourselves with the food we bought and talked amongst ourselves our plan for next week's graduation. *tears* How time went so fast.... *starts singing Arirang...*

Anyway, these are some of the food we bought...

The ice cream sandwich I loved very much at the Sun Han Mart in Taguig~

My classmates and sunsaengnim mixed packs of Korean junk food and distributed it.

This tikoy-ish snack from Lotte from Ate Kristen :)

Little did I know that it wasn't the end of it because we actually ended up at Shin Dang Dong, a Korean restaurant in A. Venue Mall near P. Burgos Street in Makati.

The oh-so-awesome-and-always-hungry Kimbap Team Ate Flor, me and Ate Kristen with the team's "honorary member", (as they called him XD) Patrick.

Ate Toni holding the dear patbingsoo, Kuya Jonah and Cathy 어머니~

The uncooked tteokbokki which was later added with cheese (see sign :P) and ramyeon.

Chicken! :D On it are peanuts, btw.

The never-ending dosage of kimbap... We're living up our team name... lol

Patbingsoo~ nomnom~ Despite the fullness of our stomachs, we managed to finish a large bowl!

Finally, I can say that I'm not craving for Korean food anymore! And I'm pretty much preparing my appetite for tomorrow's agenda, a make-up class at another Korean restaurant just near this place. Oh, thank you to Ate Kristen and Ate Cathy for a big part of this :D Team Kimbap 대.....박!!!

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