Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wake me up... or let me sleep.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Everything has gone completely absurd... and fast. It felt like I've been chasing time for the past months since June. What happened to the "I'm gonna rock this sem!" thought? Has it vanished?

I'm not completely isolating the idea that yes, at least, I have accomplished and achieved a matter of things but what I'm feeling now is absolutely different. I feel so tired and rest is just another word in the dictionary that I've been neglecting. Blahblahblahworkworkwork.

On the on the other note, though, I'm telling myself to have more than a liter of optimism to get me done with the things that have to be done. Besides, it's only my own self that should do that. I guess, let us (you, me and everyone!) have a piece of cake think of happy thoughts like Peter Pan does, shall we?

Let's cheer to another month in 4 days! :)

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