Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Will Create A Mess Out Of You.

This is the story of a really annoying MRT ride which pissed me off more than my height.

So, at 4:45 PM I thought that I should go home already and besides people would be rushing inside the station after 5. I went through the usual MRT thing procedure: buy card-inspection-insert card-get card-blah-blah. Good thing was, there wasn't so many people yet at the time because if was the opposite, hala na.

MRT, as usual, was jam-packed. People from offices, schools, everywhere! And since There was a too little space for some people to fit. Anyway, since there was little space and many people were going out at the same time, I had no choice but also to move (DUH! to him). So I moved towards the door there was this man who bumped me and my heavy things (seriously, what the hell, they were so F-ING heavy). Someone wearing yellow and about in his early 50's but I wasn't able to see his face.

I was close to the door and then he said stuff like, "scholar ka pa man din. Nakasalamin ka pa naman!" I purposely didn't want to hear what he was saying because he sounded like a drunk man who's wanting for attention. And then when we were already in Quezon Avenue, he even sat beside me and said the same things again and again and again. I never heard the end of it. Then, what pissed me off was that when we were about to go out of the train, he said "sige, scholar, lundag!"

Excuse me, mister. First of all, I'm no scholar and have you ever heard that not all people who wears glasses are scholars? S-T-E-R-E-O-T-Y-P-E much. (Thank God for blogs, I'm actually pouring my anger here) Mister, you were in the wrong train. You bumped me and my heavy things. You don't have to be so immature, childish and ill-mannered in public. And EXCUSE-MOI, I didn't do anything wrong with you to start with.

What did I do? NONE. Why? Ang ganda ko kasi =)) Lumalabo nanaman :-" That was a joke though He's not worth my attention. He's a stranger. He doesn't know me, I don't know him. So what's the point? Who was he anyway? He doesn't really matter. Di tayo close, okay.

So, guys, what's up? :D

PS: Sorry for the senseless and whatever post.
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