Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Can Tell.

The first week of school has been incredibly fine except for the fact that we already have tons of work to do for the next coming weeks. No teacher was really that much of a "terror" one.

There was already a professor who already struck me by one of her words. Well, more of her counseling stuff. One is that the one about the "energy vampires." So far, I'm coping up with all the stress by starting to take them out of my life. That's why I'm blogging right now: to release them vampires. (They're not so sparkly, I should tell.)

I am in front of the laptop since 9AM. Done 3 of the 4 things I should accomplish by the weekend. Yes, way to go, Frances! The last thing I should get done before Monday was that programming problem set. The problem is, the software itself which is needed for this to work is shitting up on me so I have no choice but to wait for Monday itself to come *sigh.*

Here I am, though, having fun with our Biology homeworks. Oh, wait. Did I mention we have a Bio Lecture for 3 units + Bio Lab for another 2 units? It's not that really frustrating, though. Thanks to the professors who make them more fun to handle.

It's time to sleep now, I think?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Poppin'

KPoppin,' that is. For the past two weeks, everything that's on my mind has been KPop, KPop, KPop and it all started because of U-Kiss.

Last March was their first time to tour Manila and visit the Philippines as well. I didn't even have the slightest idea who they were, what they look like and what their songs are. I only wanted, at that time, to see them as part of my KPop fandom.

Their cover of "As Long As You Love Me" by the Backstreet Boys.

During the span of two months, several things happened. My friend got in during the dancing auditions and there were some problems. The U-Kiss concert which was originally planned to happen last May 29 was postponed due to some "unforeseen circumstances." A week later, all KissMes, including me, were all hyped up for the upcoming concert. And can you guess how we were crazy for them? My friends and I checked-in at Edsa Shangri-La! Who would ever think that we'll do that?

For their first day here, we joined our dancer friend and some of the concert organizers over at Shang after U-Kiss' show at Party Pilipinas. The clock tick-tocked fast while waiting for them to come over and nobody came since they rested for a while. Just as we were about to leave the hotel, we were shocked to see all 6 members, excluding Kevin, in the pool playing and stuff.

Moving on, the concert itself was made of pure awesomeness. Fan service? Check. Hot members? Check. Crazy gen ad fans? Check. The gen ad were surely crazy, we even wanted for the Araneta staff to make us go down to the Upper Box since there was a little number of people seated there.

And as for me, it was the first time I ever sat at the gen ad section. No, it isn't true that you'll see them as eenie-meenie ants. You can still see them even with bare eyes, I swear.

(Thank you to Nikon for developing such ultra-zoom in lenses!)

The best part, though, was when they went down the hotel. As we were just about to ride the elevator to go check our room, the elevator in front of us opened and there were Kiseop and Kibum right in front of us. A friend even laughed at me 'cause she was calling "Kibum, Kibum!" that time and she shared to me that I just stood up there looking at Kiseop. I just started acting like a damn fangirl at that time. Yikes!

Alexander signing for autographs after swimming.

Soohyun, as usual, was loitering around the pool while giving some fan service.


During the BEAST Fansigning @ the SM North Edsa.

AJ, you're so hot, hot, hot, hot (to the tune of that XLR8 song. LOL)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trial Photos: Aperture Mode

I was trying out the aperture mode of my camera (again!) since I still don't get how to capture photos using it that good. And yep, I post-processed those just in case you were wondering.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love and friendship for a year anniversary

Happy Anniversary, blockmates! Today, in history, officially marks our togetherness as a group, a block and as friends. I wish anyone could read this, though.

First off, I'm really sorry I couldn't make it today to our celebration for some reasons.

Some have left our block already but I'm glad there's still this thing called Facebook for us to be kept updated with each other. We've got lots of memories to hang on to from the Freshstart to our classes together during the first year and I hope we'll still make new ones as we mature in our university.

I've got a really bad case of mental block right now so I might just as well post the "letter" I've written two days ago when I felt like reminiscing. Haha.

Incoming sophomore block IT,

...and to those who became members of it...

This day officially marks our first year together though literally we haven't seen much of each other during the summer.

ANYWAY. Thank you so much for everything, all the things from Freshstart to the present. I never thought college would be so much fun despite the fact that I've actually had some of that culture shock in the beginning. Honestly, this summer felt like there was something that was lacking... we never had a blockout. Not even once. So, kung natuloy man ang plans natin para sa ngayon eh di "yay!" If not, "nyay!" Harhar.

So yeah, I would actually want to ask for forgiveness for my impatience and other rude and improper things I did.

We've already had one year! I hope, in the future, we'll still be always for each other as we've always been.

Trixie, Fred, Renzo, Anne and the others who'll shift classes/schools, you'll all surely be missed! "Itaktak niyo man sa bato! =)) " (Masa, 2010) Paolo, Jeremy and Nica... well, you're still part of the club and will always be :D And, lastly, for the staying strong people... let's go! Kakayanin natin lahat!

- Frances

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