Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love and friendship for a year anniversary

Happy Anniversary, blockmates! Today, in history, officially marks our togetherness as a group, a block and as friends. I wish anyone could read this, though.

First off, I'm really sorry I couldn't make it today to our celebration for some reasons.

Some have left our block already but I'm glad there's still this thing called Facebook for us to be kept updated with each other. We've got lots of memories to hang on to from the Freshstart to our classes together during the first year and I hope we'll still make new ones as we mature in our university.

I've got a really bad case of mental block right now so I might just as well post the "letter" I've written two days ago when I felt like reminiscing. Haha.

Incoming sophomore block IT,

...and to those who became members of it...

This day officially marks our first year together though literally we haven't seen much of each other during the summer.

ANYWAY. Thank you so much for everything, all the things from Freshstart to the present. I never thought college would be so much fun despite the fact that I've actually had some of that culture shock in the beginning. Honestly, this summer felt like there was something that was lacking... we never had a blockout. Not even once. So, kung natuloy man ang plans natin para sa ngayon eh di "yay!" If not, "nyay!" Harhar.

So yeah, I would actually want to ask for forgiveness for my impatience and other rude and improper things I did.

We've already had one year! I hope, in the future, we'll still be always for each other as we've always been.

Trixie, Fred, Renzo, Anne and the others who'll shift classes/schools, you'll all surely be missed! "Itaktak niyo man sa bato! =)) " (Masa, 2010) Paolo, Jeremy and Nica... well, you're still part of the club and will always be :D And, lastly, for the staying strong people... let's go! Kakayanin natin lahat!

- Frances

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