Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Early in the morning of the bright, shining day of February 14, 2011, my mother asked me out of the blue of where we should go to eat later that everning. I asked why, it did not even cross my mind that it was already Valentine's Day. Roses? Nah. Chocolates? It'll just make me fat. In short, that Monday was a day like any other. I'd rather stick with non-chocolatey food. Haha :P

Anyway, moving on to my point... despite the business (it should be read like, busy-ness) of my life as of the moment juggling studies, extra-curricular but school-related activities and the Korean fandom, I forced myself to have dinner with my parents. Just to share, over the last week, I mostly spent my night out the our lovely home that I never spent any meal with my family. Breakfast? Very seldom since I wake up earlier than them.

On my way to school, I was endlessly thinking of a restaurant where we can spend dinner aside from the infamous Pancake House. Then I thought of Mann Hann, a what seems to me a restaurant with very delicious menu since everytime I get the chance to walk by that place, there's always people lining up for their seats.

Indeed, my expectations did not fail. They really have awesome food!

Lumpiang Ubod

Prawn Tempura

Macau Pork

Ube-Macapuno Cheesecake

Yang Chow

How was your Valentine's Day? :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Korean Food...again.

So I had yet another dose of Korean food a while ago but, tada! I'm not with friends this time but with my parents. I guess they got too overwhelmed with the food they served us since it's their first time to taste the very hot Korean cuisine.

Like the usual, I ordered for them a platter of Samgyupsal (Grilled Pork) which one of the waitresses grilled in front of us. The side dishes were totally rejected when the main dishes were served and, yes, we swam with kimchi --- three kinds of them. And we ate this dish... I just can't remember what it was but it's kind of like a rice topping.

Next cuisine to try with family? Middle Eastern, perhaps?

PS: I'd love to turn this blog to where I can post solely about food.
PPS: Entry about our retreat coming up!
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