Monday, September 28, 2009

Stranded For The First Time.

Having been stranded in school was indeed an experience.

Last Saturday, my parents dropped me off our school for a career talk especially for IT students. At that time, I had no thought of going home earlier than I usually do mainly because I felt bitter towards my mother again for not waking me up. Little did I know that I'm not going to be able to be at home that night. My friends and I have seen the effects of strong winds and heavy rains from the window. Not only did we see the outside but there was water flooding the two elevators and the lower part (Dizon Auditorium) of our school.

Time ticked fast and there were only 5 people left from the 30-35 people who were present during the talk. At first, I didn't care when I'm going home because we were having fun doing "blog videos." Anyway, as we finally went out the room because of countless fluctuations with the electricity, I realized that the sky is very dark as if it's midnight. The thought that first entered my mind was: "I want to go home" but then again there's no one at home who can. Flood was everywhere, even in the never been flooded areas before in Metro Manila namely Katipunan and Commonwealth. Anyway, as the night grew darker, we knew we had to get some place to sleep. Frankly, at first, I was hoping we could check in to a hotel or sleep in a friends condo and then we found some higher classmen who were also stranded there in school. They offered us a room where they were also staying at that time. They had these SLR's and some photoshoot props. It even looked like they knew they're gonna be staying there overnight. So, after bringing down our things we went to McDonald's to buy something to eat. While eating, Renzo's friend and at the same time our batchmate, texted him (Renzo) and offered us a room in Residencia (the condominium in front of UA&P). I could say I sensed a feeling of relief from my friends but then again, I didn't feel it because dude, I don't have clothes and other personal stuff with me. Tapos, ang pangit pa ng outfit ko. ANAK NG ANO TALAGA OH

Although we already had a room for the night, I still felt like going home but there's no choice. My family was in Cainta (good thing, our house was located in a high place) at that time. We were able to watch news and the scene was really devastating. We counted the hours that we're staying there and as the morning dawned everywhere we hoped that we'll get home soon but it still took us 5-8 hours (my father and uncle was able to fetch me at about 8 PM, Sunday).

People died and people are still missing until now. My blockmate isn't even home yet because the road to their village is still flooded. And I've been wanting to help out in either UA&P or SHS in packing relief goods for those whose houses and stuff have been destroyed by the devastating Ondoy/Ketsana. Tomorrow, I'll be helping out! :D Please help out too! Schools and mall stores are accepting donations from you.

During the talk and before we were stranded.

Renzo and I (Hindi siya Koreano, ok? HAHA)

Most important of all, don't forget to pray for our brothers and sisters. It'll surely help a lot :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missed Me?

Forget about the UAAP Cheerdance for a while and save it for later, shall we? Thank God, though, I'm not affected by that because, first, I'm from a really far university compared to those UAAP universities. Second, I didn't actually know it's gonna happen today until know when people are endlessly ranting about it in Facebook. Seriously, what's with the FEU Tamaraws' victory that some can't accept it? Oh well.

Anyway, I'm very happy I finally had thought of blogging again but for now, I'm going to post some pictures.

During our Incorporation Rites with blockmates.

With Trixie, Irmay, Mia and EJ

The last day of our so-called Hatch Week: The Get-Fired Up Day.

Some sabaw moments with Irmay, Mia & Raniel

And finally, the Retro Day of our Hatch Week.

Hatch week's supposed to be the "Freshmen Hell Week" but I'm glad it didn't turn out to be that way! :) One week isn't enough to be considered as a hell week. Well, for me.
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