Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stress + Relievement = February

The February 2010 ender post.

I had so much to say this February, time flies by so quickly indeed. One thing we knew, we were approaching the second month of the year and the next, it's going to be already long gone.

We just had 2 long cry-worthy exams on the IT Week itself which was made for IT students to relax but for freshmen, "so long, IT week!" Thanks to the people who organized the FunFest, though. We had fun!

Alright, so I'm not going to be emo and stuff like that. Instead, there's a review of what made February worthwhile.

Pre-Valentine's Date

...with blockmates. Almost everyone, at that time, was worrying of who'll be their dates on February 14 itself. I never knew what it feels like with a date of my 17 years of existence. I've always thought, "ay, puro flowers lang naman tapos date then okay na yun." Never did it occur to me that these so-called "dates" would be that fun especially with these people.

So, first off, everyone had a "date" and mine was Paolo. The boys have planned a dating shenanigan and they got the opportunity to choose who their dates will be. As for the girls, no one had idea of who's going out with who. On the day itself, February 12, everyone got hyped up especially for the girls (haha). Ok, I really had no idea who picked me up and was like "bahala na" and decided to not care but as the day ended, I still had no idea. So blaaaaaah. I got picked by the "wild card." Anyway, we got to Eastwood and watched Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman :">)

Since no one still posted pictures, I only have this one from Chris' camera. Sadly, Tiara wasn't in the picture.


So how did you guys spend it? :D Well, I had dates on that day: my family. We attended mass at Tiendesitas and ate lunch at Teriyaki Boy. We didn't do that much but the fact that we were together on that day was the thing that made it special.


This was so much for a stress reliever since we had a Calculus and Computing (Java Programming) long tests the same week as that but fortunately, we still had time to rest... and do some sports!

The retreat we attended wasn't so much of a high school one. I mean, no art papers, talent shows, icebreakers and craft making but it was more of meditations, benedictions and some holy stuff. It was still fun, though. The IT girls who joined were so active and funny. There was also this time when we got to introduce ourselves, we had to say our name, year level, talents, aspirations in life (which I had nothing to say, yet) so I just said,

"Magandang umaga. My name is Frances Lim, Freshman (emphasis on the fresh haha).
My talents are (to which the others reacted to and had nothing to say)... kahit ano
wag lang painting and my aspiration in life is... to promote world peace."

It got even funnier when Trixie stood up (we were sharing a chair). The chair suddenly toppled over and I kind of fell. Since I'm that much of an aggressive person, I was supposed to spank or something her and then they said, "world peace pala ah!"

The best part, though, was the time we had for swimming!

PS: You guys might think there's no such word as "relievement" but I searched for it already on the internet so yeah.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Defy gravity.

Finally, I'm over and done with that Calculus exam and have decided I should post something with worth here in my Blogger.

Too many things have been messing up my mind lately. On top of those is the Chorale. I even wonder why I bother keeping up with having an organization for my freshman year or better yet the whole of college. I, honestly, cannot keep up with anything this org's got to do. Chorale's a lot of fun, yes, but maybe I don't know how to take the pressure I'm feeling that well especially that it's mixed up with the hard subjects I have to take in my course... Calculus, Java (which is way, way more advanced than those people I know who are taking the same course as I do).

Anyway, though, another side of me keeps on telling me that I can do it. That I don't wanna be a quitter and that I want to find the "fun" there is in everything I do. May it be any org or any class.

PS: Sorry, I had to stop my Project 365 due to the following reasons: pressure, laziness and lack of time.
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