Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Defy gravity.

Finally, I'm over and done with that Calculus exam and have decided I should post something with worth here in my Blogger.

Too many things have been messing up my mind lately. On top of those is the Chorale. I even wonder why I bother keeping up with having an organization for my freshman year or better yet the whole of college. I, honestly, cannot keep up with anything this org's got to do. Chorale's a lot of fun, yes, but maybe I don't know how to take the pressure I'm feeling that well especially that it's mixed up with the hard subjects I have to take in my course... Calculus, Java (which is way, way more advanced than those people I know who are taking the same course as I do).

Anyway, though, another side of me keeps on telling me that I can do it. That I don't wanna be a quitter and that I want to find the "fun" there is in everything I do. May it be any org or any class.

PS: Sorry, I had to stop my Project 365 due to the following reasons: pressure, laziness and lack of time.

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