Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random ramblings on what life is supposed to be

Here's another morning, the usual. You get up from your bed, go to the bathroom, look at the mirror and say, "What could possibly happen today?" or, ""What's so unusual? This day's gonna be the average."

We wake up everyday thinking of the possibilities that life could bring us. More often that not, we go around the circles of chances, opportunities and choices. The "what ifs"and the "what not." We chase our dreams not knowing what things are waiting for us. It's either we grab our chances to reach what we want or let it get away at the palm of our hands.

Moreover, life gives us so much surprises that we cannot even fathom and we need to give it a closer look. A closer look that help us escape the foolishness of what a human being possesses. The problem is, however, we cannot separate from being foolish because it's part of who we are. We make rash decisions, get the results and regret it later. If we could only ask and see what the future will give us we would happy, wouldn't we?

God never gave us a power of looking into the future and, instead, He gave us the thought of having to decide for ourselves, for what we want and what we desire for. With our thoughtlessness, He indirectly teaches us what life is really all about, it is about learning through the hardest of the hardest circumstances. I'm not saying acceptance is the key but it's to see more of our capabilities through hardwork to achieve the top we've all been looking up to. We must never decline the challenges He is providing us for those can make us stronger, making us fully aware of what our lives truly mean and obtain a deeper perspective of our purpose here on earth.

It's always the choices we make, the decisions that we carefully thought of or the ones we simply choose to throw away. Life revolves on what we are and what we do so give it the best shot!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Then again, the glorious feeling of accomplishment has taken over me! I am finally finished with our so-long Physics laboratory report for tomorrow and after this entry, I shall sleep for around 4 hours. The shortest yet for the first days of 2011.

Anyway, I'm also gonna take this chance to blab about my recent adventure with the Woori of my life, Arysse, near La Salle for our search of "the" Korean restaurant.

That reads like... Geum Kang Sik Tang? XD

Some of the side dishes. Kimchi!

Spot the ramyeon and the samgyupsal!

My very "eager-to-eat-meat-like-a-gumiho" face.

My P250 Kimchi fried rice.

Arysse and I at Noriter!

It's actually really worth it, if you may ask. Even more worth it than Kaya's.

Monday, January 17, 2011


And then it suddenly dawned on me, big changes can happen overtime. In my case, though, I beg to disagree.

For the past few years of my life, I’ve been finding a way to "transform" big time when it comes to habits. Sad to say that everytime I tried, I failed, and this failure went on and on until I went to college.

Anyway, I'd like to say that this is a post New Year entry consisting of the resolutions my life has been looking forward to... ever since.

  • Avoid cramming. Just in case I find it very difficult to follow, I put "avoid" instead of the complete "no cramming" sign. I'd like to share, though, that the start's pretty great and I hope I'll be...

  • More consistent. I always have a hard time maintaining grades... and some other stuff.

  • Put smileys in text messages. This is VERY self-explanatory, set aside my "K" texts. Hahaha!

  • Being proactive rather than reactive. When one of my blockmates, Lalaine, talked about this in her report, I was suddenly all ears to what she was saying. Reactive? It's the being of a person who is easily overtaken by her emotions while the proactive side is more of a "put your heart before your mind" concept.

  • Lots of patience.

  • Less Facebook, more actual books. Everybody needs this anyway! ...at least, I think we all do.

  • Like they said, "early to sleep, early to rise." For the record, I've been sleeping as early as 9:30 PM on a school day and the day starts at 5:30 AM for me to study. Been keeping in mind what I've read in a Yahoo! health article that it's better to study during that time of the day when your mind's all hyped up!

  • Staying true to what I say. Hello there, more serious life.

I think that's all for now, folks! Good luck to everyone's having their exams ;)
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