Monday, January 17, 2011


And then it suddenly dawned on me, big changes can happen overtime. In my case, though, I beg to disagree.

For the past few years of my life, I’ve been finding a way to "transform" big time when it comes to habits. Sad to say that everytime I tried, I failed, and this failure went on and on until I went to college.

Anyway, I'd like to say that this is a post New Year entry consisting of the resolutions my life has been looking forward to... ever since.

  • Avoid cramming. Just in case I find it very difficult to follow, I put "avoid" instead of the complete "no cramming" sign. I'd like to share, though, that the start's pretty great and I hope I'll be...

  • More consistent. I always have a hard time maintaining grades... and some other stuff.

  • Put smileys in text messages. This is VERY self-explanatory, set aside my "K" texts. Hahaha!

  • Being proactive rather than reactive. When one of my blockmates, Lalaine, talked about this in her report, I was suddenly all ears to what she was saying. Reactive? It's the being of a person who is easily overtaken by her emotions while the proactive side is more of a "put your heart before your mind" concept.

  • Lots of patience.

  • Less Facebook, more actual books. Everybody needs this anyway! least, I think we all do.

  • Like they said, "early to sleep, early to rise." For the record, I've been sleeping as early as 9:30 PM on a school day and the day starts at 5:30 AM for me to study. Been keeping in mind what I've read in a Yahoo! health article that it's better to study during that time of the day when your mind's all hyped up!

  • Staying true to what I say. Hello there, more serious life.

I think that's all for now, folks! Good luck to everyone's having their exams ;)


ishna said...

Nako. Same tayo. One of my resolutions is to stay away from facebook and start reading again. :-/

And I will also try to lessen the 'hahahaha's in my text messages, comments, etc. :P

karakino said...

I feel like I need these in my life too hahahaha. Hello ate frances. I miss you :) Wala lang, napadaan lang :D

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