Wednesday, January 18, 2012

With this I shall draw.... maybe, not.

I'll say it: I can't draw and this is just downright frustrating. I've attended once a sketching class when I was around 8 or 9 years old, those with sketching, shading, nigahigawhatnots, but, sad to say, I never was able to bring anything after it. In short, it never entered my innocent mind to do it else to develop it... if I did have any of "that" talent. I suck at drawings or anything related to that. 

So if you can draw, I TRULY COMMEND YOU. No pun intended. 
Found this at Jonver David's blog, by the way.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh boy, Teriyaki Boy!

Just as was expected, various social networking websites were bombarded with posts about three words: "Friday the Thirteenth". This significantly reminded me of our recent lesson in PhilSoc about folk Catholicism, of how Filipinos can believe Roman Catholicism and of how we can manage to bring attention to these superstitions at the same time.

Anyway, my earlier part of the day consisted of me being able to enjoy reading Dante's "Inferno". Dorky and nerdy, yes, but the fact that I'm enjoying it surprised me as well! Maybe it's that thought that you gotta learn to love what you're doing. Meanwhile, I went to school for only one class for the latter part of the day, my PE class was a freecut. Fortunately, when I was dying of boredom at home, my parents agreed to dine out for dinner at Teriyaki Boy, SM Megamall.

Despite the "need" to eat sushi yesterday, I couldn't because of my asthma attacks :( So I ordered a beef dish instead, Sukiyaki Beef Teppan Don! And, thanks Teriyaki Boy, for having the healthy Asupara Bacon Maki to somehow substitute my sushi craving. Here are photos, I hope you'll be hungry by the end of this post. Hahaha!

That fetish for taking photos of cartoons found at a number of restaurants.

Asupara Bacon Maki


Dynamite Roll (which I ate, btw, even though I was not allowed to)

My order: Sukiyaki Beef Teppan Don

Mother only order the maki for herself. Diet, 'te? While my father ordered a ramen which I couldn't remember what was the name. I wasn't able to take a photo of it, though. Then again, all of what we ordered were really tasty and was worth it. Even the waitress who served us throughout our meal made sure that we ate heartily by prioritizing our demands. Naks, mehganon? Miss, can you make kuha me some tissue? (Ugh, the effect of those conyo tweets!)

That's how I spent the so-called Friday the 13th! Oh, there's two more coming our way this year... after 13 weeks. So, watch out! Hahaha, I'm kidding. Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The last pieces

I've been meaning to post something like this for the past week but guess what, I might've lost the momentum to do so but here it is... a post-Christmas season syndrome! :) 

That surprise gift from Love Diva Philippines! 
Imagine my surprise when Bloggers United sent me a tweet about this. 

Kimono-ish cover-up from Celine! My mother was hesitant to buy this at first and then when she saw me wearing this, nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin. Haha!

Haven't tried this on yet but this was from my friend, Kristine. However cracking nail polishes are magical! I've used The Face Shop's and I didn't feel anything but to be mind-blown.

One of the pieces I managed to hoard in my mother's age-old closet. 

Staedtler pens I got from Dani from our high school Christmas party! 

Aside from two cute notebooks, Nixie gave me this tomato pen!

Now one of my abused bags which I use in both going to school or casual walks. 
From one of my uncles.

And to add, I finally have a copy of Haruki Murakami's "1Q84" from DJ during our block Christmas party. Too bad I wasn't able to have a photo of it but who knows if I'll post it one of these days when I start to read it!

That's probably it for today 'cause I can't manage to tire myself too much because of asthma attacks :( I hope I'll get better really soon, though :)

Have a great day, everyone! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have a happy Yabu new year!!

Just in time before the year ended, I won this amazing giveaway at Keigh Jalbuena's blog to dine with her (and the boyfrind) at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Yabu! For the record, I swore to myself that I would eat there again after my parents and I did before Christmas. Fortunately, I've been always active in Twitter and tada!

But I forgot to bring my trusty camera :( Thank God, Ms. Keigh had one with her!

Mandatory solo shot? Haha!

What I ordered was the Fish Katsu Set (90g).

Trying out to mix this awesome sauce... literally.

More of the katsu craze!! 

Red/pink ba color of the day? Hahaha!

I was surprisingly in the mood for the entire day 'cause I was feeling annoyingly groggy with the lack of sleep. Oh, and I really enjoyed the hearty meal! :) Thanks again, Ms. Keigh! Don't forget to check out her blog [], okay? :)

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

KyuSiHyuk in Manila Fan Account 2011

Disclaimer: This post is about my sole, "strongest" fandom in the KPop arena: Super Junior. Read if you must! :)

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