Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stuff of a no-life

1 Another book I'm going to read: "Rant" by Chuck Palanhuik. I already started reading it but I never got to finish it 'cause it kinda bored me. That's why I'll try to read it for the second time just in case I'll get to like it this time.

2 My "I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffee-planner-but-I got-fat/broke-on-the-10th-frappe" (phew!) planner. I chose this over the Starbucks mainly because it's cheaper and it's got a more casual feel in it.

3 Staedtler colored pens are the best ever. It always goes with my planner. I got this from a good friend last last Christmas and 'til now, I'm grateful for her for buying it!

4 The bookmark I'm always using when I read books and was from another good friend. She gave me this during my last birthday.

5 I treat this Egg pouch as my wallet. I'm using this since it's more handy than a usual wallet.

6 (Name: Morris) My "new" cellphone. My phone got lost 3 days before my birthday so I had to bear with this one before I can get my dream phone which is a SoftBank one.

7 (Name: Amber) Nikon Coolpix P100. Now can anyone tell me, is this actually a DSLR? I'd love to join this photography workshop in San Juan this summer if it is one :3 Anyway, my parents bought me this during our last trip to Singapore and it's much, much cheaper than the ones here in the Philippines.

8 And, lastly. (Name: George) My iPod! This one, I cannot live without. 'nuf said.

I just wanted to share the things that make my life bearable this summer. Oh, let me correct that. They're my life this summer.

PS: Please excuse my bed cover right thur~~


Can't wait! 4집 대박!!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Singapore... la!~~

The infamous Merlion

Ze new family portrait

The Dolphin Show at the Underworld World in Sentosa.

The long road of Orchard.

Vivo City: One of the malls in Singapore

Sentosa's a really huge place. Well, huge may still be an understatement.

The cute couple who walked around Resorts World
with those long sticks on in their feet.

The view from the Imbiah Lookout

Since I'm too small for words, I'm sure these pictures are enough! Singapore is such a fine city. I think it's one of the very diverse places in Asia. There are the Europeans, Americans, Malaysians, Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos. I couldn't even tell who's Filipino in there! It's because, most probably, that people there were mixtures of Chinese and Malay people and the same as Filipinos' ancestors.

I wouldn't even dare to live there 'cause if I did, I'd be living along the roads. So much for shopping great stuff!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Lived Up To Its Name: Super Show!

The highlight of my 2010, the Super Show II in Manila but still, too bad the other members (Kibum, Hankyung and Kangin) weren't there.

Excuse me while I spaz about these pretty guys.

First, when I bought my ticket, I though standing left was the best but thanks to my friend who adviced that I should go with them in the svip center, I felt less tired after the concert. The organizers also said that they're gonna be so strict with cameras but wth, I had a great time capturing every moment of it!

When I was dropped by Araneta by my parents around 3:30 PM, there was already a really long line, it even reached the roadside, of girls outside the venue. I decided to go to Gateway to meet the people I'm gonna be with during the concert and when I thought this might be really awkward to be with them at that time because the two of them were good friends and I might get out of place, I just went down to Araneta to get the baller I ordered near Starbucks.

The best part though aside from the concert itself was that I got to meet three of my online buddies: Clarence, Ate Tin and Ate Merie. Clarence, I must say, is really tall (HAHAHA, yun talaga eh) and nice since he got to call me out first in the jam-packed place. And there was Ate Tin and Ate Merie who were really funny and nice to be with. They're really sabaw =)) Anyway, there was Alice, the SJ-world president... I wouldn't recognize her 'til Ate Merie told me. She's pretty, imo. Okay, so when it was 15 minutes to 5, I returned to meeting up my friends and then we first ate at Taco Bell (again!).

fast forward...

I felt really awkward in my seat during the concert 'cause I was seating beside two spoiled-looking kids and I was seated far from my friends but wth, that was still one heck of a concert!
  • The leader, Leeteuk, is so far the cutest. Though it never really left my mind that he's too old for me. Hahaha!
  • Eunhyuk didn't fail me. He so coool especially when he's dancing ♥
Eunhyuk during Shining Star and Haengbok.
  • Siwon has a great bod, really but I'll leave Ate Merie to spaz about that. Hahaha!
  • Kyuhyun's handsome, okay...
  • ... but Yesung beats him with that. HAHAHA. Shit, ang gwapo niya =)) New bias. Move over, Kibum. Haha, I'm kidding.
  • Plus, there's Ryeowook. The KRY had fucking good voices! Well, of course.
Über sweet Ryeowok and Yesung :">

  • Sungmin mesmerized me with that piano talent of his ♥>
  • Well, speaking of fat, "ANO BA YAN?!?!?!" Shindong made my night with his introduction.
  • Heechul's still the hottest of them, of course. I don't need to explain that.
Super Junior-M singing Blue Tomorrow
  • Ok, who would've thought that I actually forgot Donghae here. I first thought of Henry and Zhoumi before him. Hahaha! He's so taken by MANY fans so I wouldn't bother but he's woah :">
Heechul during his solo
  • Zhoumi looked kinda physically gay, for me. I'm sorry. But yes, he did have those manly features and a really great voice.
  • Henry's moves were hot especially when he got to play the violin :">
After the concert, we even decided to go to Edsa Shang and follow their van around but, but its driver got through EDSA really fast but yeah, they were still in the hotel by that time... contrary to what most people know that they're going straight to airport.

The best concert! :D I'm stoked for the next Super Show here in Manila. I just wish they're gonna bring Kibum and Kangin with them.. and there'll be Hankyung's special appearance.

(More better pictures @

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Birthday Post

Last Feb, my mother's already hyped up about my 18th birthday and all, asking me what I wanted to do and that if I wanted to have a party, we should reserve as early as then. But I was all, "wag na, sayang lang sa pera. Tsaka tinatamad ako." Am I the laziest person you know on earth yet?

It's almost been a week since I just turned 18 and this has been so much for a birthday.

I've never celebrated any of my birthdays with my friends because, basically, it's summer and I have no time to invite all of them in our teeny house. Anyway, I took time to invite them this time to go out and eat and watch a movie. My treat!

First was last Tuesday with my blockmates but too bad not all of them were there. Some were on a vacation and some were motorcade-ing with their parents. I spent time with those who had their Computing removals instead and a past blockmate. I asked them where to eat and Chary said to just have Taco Bell (so much for dinner before a movie). Anyway, after, I was surprised by them because they've got this cake from Goldilocks which looked like a Strawberry Shortcake to me plus they patiently played the stuffed toy game in Timezone 'til they've got one. Yes, 'twas more than sweet :">

with Chary and Anne, respectively.

The sad part was, I lost my phone.

ANYWAY, April 8th, just a day before my actual birthday, I treated my high school friends to dinner at Teriyaki Boy, Tomas Morato. My high school friends were the first people I ever thought of if I ever had a really huge debut party. I mean, I miss them a lot. More than you'll ever know. College was fine, okay. I still get to laugh and stuff but high school was one of the best moments that ever happened in my life plus I never had to worry how I should act around them 'cause in college, there are boys, okay? I came from an all-girls private school so get me.

On that day, I blew another cake and that made me feel so damn old. 18 + 18 = 36. I'm not even done with the things I wanted to do in life.

The eleven people who made the night fun... and noisy.

On the day itself [of my birthday], I celebrated it with my family, nonetheless. I acted like a kid once more: played agawan-base, Pepsi 7Up and volleyball under the moonlight.

Thank you VERY MUCH for all those who remembered!
Okay, thanks for the Facebook event thingy for it that everyone on my list remembered it. Haha, I'm kidding! Thank you for the thought, for the time to post a greeting on my wall and for the load you had to give up just to greet me. It's very much appreciated >:D<

Through text:

Arysse, Mel, Luigi, Jamie, Nixie, Nicole K., Leanne, Irmay, Trixie, Tito Eller, Ate Doreen, EJ, Annapat, Ate Lizette, Manfred, Agie, Chris, Ate Anne, Jem, Ate Alyssa, Renee and Bianca Perez

Through Facebook: (phew!)

MJ, Jannine, Ate Nugs, Tita Len, Carla, Rani, Enchees, Renzo (who even made a phone call. Tats ako, 'dong!), Heidi (who shared the same birthday as mine), Annapat, Starr, Bonggai, Babz, Paula, Jessica Viray, Dale, Gwen, Shubee, Tam, Giannina, Irenne, Cy, Cassie, Ate Mariel Blanco, Abby Go, Renielle, Nicole K., Princess, Alyzza, Tita Lisa Lo, Ate Meg, Tiara, Coach Paul, Jan, Dani Tiangco, Anne C., Shy, Mara, Kaila, Val, Kuya Migs, Nicole Cuevas, Tita Jenel, Edelin, Arbelle, Lexi, Ate Karla, Anna M., Gia Bolanos, Marion, Clar, Bea O., Den, Vero, Mapaul, Panjee, Carmela Miranda, Louie, Lira, Bana, Carmela Due, Big J, Cam Naval, Irmay, Clar D., Eli, Aly, Rubie, Jorel, Tin-tin, Lala, Andrea, Bianca Tongco, Nikki, Patty, Tere Nery, Jami, Kuya Karl, Fidea, Ate Jia, Ayena, Karol, Ate Arlene, Ate Arnie, Ate Vivienne, Angge, Paula T., Perry, Iam, Kitkat, Ate Marialle, Mela Abolino, Patrick, Leah, Carlo, Anissa, Xye, Ramona, Binkee, Mia, Jullian, Les Ter, Arwin, Jec, Kath, Sarah, Kahlil, Merphi, Luigi, Luis, Kaori, Eribelle, Felisa, Kadors, Daff, Lois, Gem, Leanne, Vince, Mina, Ace, Renee, Billie, Donna Fe, Justin, Myra, Tita Em, Kuya Kim


Ate Jam, Kaisa, Arli, Cathy, Ate Patti, Bianca, Tinaii, Ate Mei, Ate Merie, Ate Tin and Drea!

Ok, that's it. I got tired of typing all those thoughtful names up there :D

What happens on the next day will be posted tomorrow.
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