Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Birthday Post

Last Feb, my mother's already hyped up about my 18th birthday and all, asking me what I wanted to do and that if I wanted to have a party, we should reserve as early as then. But I was all, "wag na, sayang lang sa pera. Tsaka tinatamad ako." Am I the laziest person you know on earth yet?

It's almost been a week since I just turned 18 and this has been so much for a birthday.

I've never celebrated any of my birthdays with my friends because, basically, it's summer and I have no time to invite all of them in our teeny house. Anyway, I took time to invite them this time to go out and eat and watch a movie. My treat!

First was last Tuesday with my blockmates but too bad not all of them were there. Some were on a vacation and some were motorcade-ing with their parents. I spent time with those who had their Computing removals instead and a past blockmate. I asked them where to eat and Chary said to just have Taco Bell (so much for dinner before a movie). Anyway, after, I was surprised by them because they've got this cake from Goldilocks which looked like a Strawberry Shortcake to me plus they patiently played the stuffed toy game in Timezone 'til they've got one. Yes, 'twas more than sweet :">

with Chary and Anne, respectively.

The sad part was, I lost my phone.

ANYWAY, April 8th, just a day before my actual birthday, I treated my high school friends to dinner at Teriyaki Boy, Tomas Morato. My high school friends were the first people I ever thought of if I ever had a really huge debut party. I mean, I miss them a lot. More than you'll ever know. College was fine, okay. I still get to laugh and stuff but high school was one of the best moments that ever happened in my life plus I never had to worry how I should act around them 'cause in college, there are boys, okay? I came from an all-girls private school so get me.

On that day, I blew another cake and that made me feel so damn old. 18 + 18 = 36. I'm not even done with the things I wanted to do in life.

The eleven people who made the night fun... and noisy.

On the day itself [of my birthday], I celebrated it with my family, nonetheless. I acted like a kid once more: played agawan-base, Pepsi 7Up and volleyball under the moonlight.

Thank you VERY MUCH for all those who remembered!
Okay, thanks for the Facebook event thingy for it that everyone on my list remembered it. Haha, I'm kidding! Thank you for the thought, for the time to post a greeting on my wall and for the load you had to give up just to greet me. It's very much appreciated >:D<

Through text:

Arysse, Mel, Luigi, Jamie, Nixie, Nicole K., Leanne, Irmay, Trixie, Tito Eller, Ate Doreen, EJ, Annapat, Ate Lizette, Manfred, Agie, Chris, Ate Anne, Jem, Ate Alyssa, Renee and Bianca Perez

Through Facebook: (phew!)

MJ, Jannine, Ate Nugs, Tita Len, Carla, Rani, Enchees, Renzo (who even made a phone call. Tats ako, 'dong!), Heidi (who shared the same birthday as mine), Annapat, Starr, Bonggai, Babz, Paula, Jessica Viray, Dale, Gwen, Shubee, Tam, Giannina, Irenne, Cy, Cassie, Ate Mariel Blanco, Abby Go, Renielle, Nicole K., Princess, Alyzza, Tita Lisa Lo, Ate Meg, Tiara, Coach Paul, Jan, Dani Tiangco, Anne C., Shy, Mara, Kaila, Val, Kuya Migs, Nicole Cuevas, Tita Jenel, Edelin, Arbelle, Lexi, Ate Karla, Anna M., Gia Bolanos, Marion, Clar, Bea O., Den, Vero, Mapaul, Panjee, Carmela Miranda, Louie, Lira, Bana, Carmela Due, Big J, Cam Naval, Irmay, Clar D., Eli, Aly, Rubie, Jorel, Tin-tin, Lala, Andrea, Bianca Tongco, Nikki, Patty, Tere Nery, Jami, Kuya Karl, Fidea, Ate Jia, Ayena, Karol, Ate Arlene, Ate Arnie, Ate Vivienne, Angge, Paula T., Perry, Iam, Kitkat, Ate Marialle, Mela Abolino, Patrick, Leah, Carlo, Anissa, Xye, Ramona, Binkee, Mia, Jullian, Les Ter, Arwin, Jec, Kath, Sarah, Kahlil, Merphi, Luigi, Luis, Kaori, Eribelle, Felisa, Kadors, Daff, Lois, Gem, Leanne, Vince, Mina, Ace, Renee, Billie, Donna Fe, Justin, Myra, Tita Em, Kuya Kim


Ate Jam, Kaisa, Arli, Cathy, Ate Patti, Bianca, Tinaii, Ate Mei, Ate Merie, Ate Tin and Drea!

Ok, that's it. I got tired of typing all those thoughtful names up there :D

What happens on the next day will be posted tomorrow.


istepanyak said...

Belated happy birthday dear! ;)

I miss being 18. I suddenly felt so old na lol. My birthday's coming up next week and I want to treat my friends too but I don't have the money :( haha! :)) anyways, happy you had fun on your very special day ;)

Frances said...

Thank you very much! :D

Aaww. Well, age is only on an outside aspect... it's how we mature that's important. Advance Happy Birthday to you!

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