Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Towards the light


What it might seemed like only a day to watch Filane’s show for Teen Ambassadors of the Earth 2011 became an unexpected “photoshoot” for the three of us, Melissa, Filane and I. Melissa being the photographer, Filane being the model (as always) and I… a “model-modelan.”

As for the show itself, Mel and I became Filane’s back-up dancers because she danced our never-ending favorite Rainbow song, “A.” Too bad we weren’t able to capture any video of it since we were on a rush to get the music ready for the performance itself.


Filane and I in the backstage area


The next photos were taken at the back area of Burger King in Marikina. Thanks to the people who provided us dinner! :D


Yayyy, Technicolor power! ♥♥♥

All pictures © Melissa Mercado 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom


My mother, the source of my being and the only female I could possibly talk to about everything. The person who was always there despite me being hard-headed, low-tempered and cranky most of the time, the one who’s mostly caught up with my teenage mood swings and inattention.

I know I may never have had the chance to say those three words for some reason I can never explain until now but thank you so much for everything! From the hard labor you had to experience back to when I was born to the disappointment that I wasn’t a Merit Card Awardee in high school anymore and to the near failing GWA I’ve had my first year of college. I know I may not have been the best daughter that I should be, I knowing that I’m slightly a spoiled child. These words are probably the last things I want to say because I’m too afraid of letting my actual feelings show.

I want you to know that everything I’m doing now… striving so hard to have high grades and exerting effort to change my negative side are all for the family and please never feel that you’re “always the last one” to know. You’ll always be the first not because it’s obligatory to do so but for the reason that I want to and everything is from my heart. I feel so blessed to finally have a mother who’s always been there, patiently waiting for me to grow up and realize my mistakes.

You’ll always be the woman I will call “Mama.” One and only.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

And to all mothers out there, here’s a song for you. Happy Mothers’ Day, as well :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last piece of that Saturday

I’m still probably hungover this period in my life but, oh well. Might as well leave it hanging first for school.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2AM on a hot, sunny day

Anything you will read here would possibly be the fan account that you’re looking for or the story that will make your heart flutter.

Two months prior to this event, I didn’t have any intention to go nor do I have in my thoughts to spend any amount just to see them. 2AM, how do I even describe the fandom, if there is any, that I have for them? At first, I was only, more or less, interested in their nice vocals. I was more of a 2PM fan because they’re all funny. 2AM? Who are they? Quite frankly, they have lesser shows than the latter, they only focused on singing ballad songs. However, as the time went on since their debut, all of them have showcased their abilities. Take Jokwon for an example. Who would ever think that this hardcore abs guy (well, male artists from JYPE have abs but whatever XD) can do a ssanti dance? (“Ssanti” dance can be thought of a “cheap dance”). Anyway, I'm not here to actually debate on how these guys have abs and nice vocals but I will share how their showcase have leveled-up my love for them.

*back to the past two months*

“Woah! Pupunta 2AM dito? Bigatin magpapapunta dito nun ah!” Yes, that was my first reaction but that was it. So, the two months have fast passed.. I got bitter for not being able to watch the Script, I’ve cried over my Computing project, blahblahblah. I was even busy sending the company who’s presenting them here details about Daily KPop News’ intention of covering the event but to no avail but that wasn’t actually the main “drama,” if you’re looking for any, here.

The sun was up already when I woke up, worried that my mother wouldn’t allow me to go to Eastwood as early as 11AM to avail of the CDs to even catch a glimpse to 2AM. I’m telling you, me being a fan of KPop is very much “not” costly because I always want to watch every idol who goes here in our country though I’m not a fan of them. (Echusera, kumbaga) Anyway, I’ve already thought of cleaning the house to catch the good vibes I needed for that day and at the same time, help my mother. Fortunately, she agreed! The only thing which obstructed me from getting to the venue earlier was the heavy traffic in Libis. When I arrived there to buy my supposedly P650 of a CD, I bought the VIP thing instead. It was worth it, though. Their 3CDs, a poster and a shirt! However, I really thought I wouldn’t be able to see them up-close because there were no IDs left, my friend said, but! Much to my surprise, the people there at the counter released a final set of 10 VIP IDs. It was destiny. (LOL) We waited for the gates to open from 12NN to 3:30PM with, yes, feet hurting from stupidly choosing to stand up for three hours. During that span of hot, feet-trembling time, some fans started shouting like crazy and then that adrenaline rush came over me and imagine me shouting with them. It was crazy. 2AM ARRIVED EARLY! Around 2:30 plus, I saw my tan, Korean-looking crush. (Echusera.) Not to mention, naka-shades pa kaso naka-backpack. Back to 2AM, they had their technical rehearsal just hours before but a tarpaulin covering them. They sang parts of “I Did Wrong.”

The “chosen hour” has arrived *trumpets sounding* We wanted good seats but were so disappointed not to have them. We still waited for a couple of minutes though. First up the stage were Krissy and Ericka who sang the same set of the song, according to my friend, they sang the day before that at the The Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill. Nonetheless, although the two were singing onstage, I sensed more of the anticipation of the crowd to see 2AM in their Grand Showcase. And finally, they were introduced onstage! Upon hearing their names, I ran to the front without second thoughts. Why? I don’t know if it’s either excitement or just my adrenaline rush again. Anyhow, their entrance was great and full of emotions, not the usual “annyeong haseyo, *insert group name here* imnida!” They sang “I Won’t Let You Go” first. They were the most mesmerizing group I’ve ever watched… well, take aside Super Junior XD Then there was Jinwoon who suddenly turned to our side and smiled. Attention, everyone just melted.

Jo Kwon

Jinwoon and Jokwon


They performed four more songs after that. I was dumbfounded at their performances and how they were all ~*gwapo*~. Here’s their cute random solo intermission number started by Jokwon with his infamous ssanti dance. After him, the crowd just started to cheer Jinwoon, Changmin and Seulong, respectively, to dance theirs!

A sweet surprise was also held for Changmin and Jinwoon’s birthday on last May 1 and 2, respectively! Such a sweet thing to do for them! And there was also a cake! In return, the boys sang an English song. Best harmonization ever. One of…

Im Seulong

Jinwoon, Jokwon, Changmin and Seulong with their translator

Jung Jinwoon :”>

That should be it for now. Hello, energy vampire!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

1..2..2AM! (Teaser)

Just like with what I have done with my Facebook wall which I flooded with some pictures of today’s event…. *drum roll please* 2AM’s Grand Showcase in Eastwood! I’ll just tease for just now, though, for the reason that 1) I have to sleep already, time check is 1:04AM and 2) I’m dead tired.

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