Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Towards the light


What it might seemed like only a day to watch Filane’s show for Teen Ambassadors of the Earth 2011 became an unexpected “photoshoot” for the three of us, Melissa, Filane and I. Melissa being the photographer, Filane being the model (as always) and I… a “model-modelan.”

As for the show itself, Mel and I became Filane’s back-up dancers because she danced our never-ending favorite Rainbow song, “A.” Too bad we weren’t able to capture any video of it since we were on a rush to get the music ready for the performance itself.


Filane and I in the backstage area


The next photos were taken at the back area of Burger King in Marikina. Thanks to the people who provided us dinner! :D


Yayyy, Technicolor power! ♥♥♥

All pictures © Melissa Mercado 2011

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