Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I guess this should be the most tiring and, of course, most exciting Saturday ever!

First off would be the most anticipated Philippine-Korean Cultural Festival which is going to be held at the Aliw Theater, CCP Complex in Manila starting at 2 in the afternoon. KPop cover groups and aspiring to-be individual idols would be there to showcase their respective talents. Go to Arirang Town PH's Facebook page for more details, be sure to add them up first!

Thank you to RainbowPH for the ticket :)

Next one: Vans' Show at the Philippine Fashion Week at the SMX Convention Center! Thank you, Inna Santiago (thelittlebigspender) for the passes :)

and, finally! MTV Exit's most anticipated event of the year! A free concert featuring Jay Park, Evaline and VJ Holly as the host!

Who's going where? :D

Be gone, by gone.

I never thought that the actual phase of having to move out all my stuff from our present house to a new one was hard. I had to carefully choose which I have to transfer.

On another note, I’d like to say that despite my efforts to actually think of something sensible and that is so nostalgic about my family’s “move” to an expectedly better place to my school, I have nothing right now. The caffeine’s effect must’ve left my body already that instead of talking about gibberish whatnots, I’ll just share photos of our soon-to-be new home :)

The first installment of my stuff… more to come, I guess.

The new neighborhood I’m gonna be seeing.

And, hopefully, not our everyday dinner lol
Spam + Andok’s chicken + fried chicken… there’s too many chickens in this world.


Anyare sa manok?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'll say go to Asian Vogue

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend but I beg to differ. It's shoes that I would choose if I would be ever given a chance to choose between the two. But, as of now, I should stick to online window shoe shopping and keep praying that I win Ms. Angel's (of Asian Vogue!) giveaway :)

As soon as I read about it, like just now in Twitter, I knew I had to join. Why, why do I bother joining? Because Asian Vogue has been, like, my dream shoe store. No pun intended, you guys. Haha. But, seriously, seeing those fashion bloggers strut their way to fashion events that I've forever drooled at as I browse through the store's Multiply, I just want to grab them to make them mine. Then again, I can't.

So here I am, making my move to actually hoping to win this whooping P5K GC from Asian Vogue :) If you want to also join, though, here are the mechanics!

In order to qualify, you have to do the following:
1. Follow Asianvogue during the contest duration. - +1 entry
2. Reblog this post - +1 entry
3. Add our Multiply Account - +1 entry
4. Like Asianvogue's official fan page (the one with the pink profile photo) - +1 entry
5. Post anything on your wall telling us why you love Asianvogue or just a simple note and tag the fanpage - +3 entries
6. Follow our Twitter account - +1 entry
7. Tweet something about @asianvogueshop - +2 entries
8. Place the Asianvogue badge on your site/blog - +5 entries

(Code can be found right here! As Blogspot automatically converts the HTML thing)

9. Blog anything about Asianvogue - +5 entries

Total of 20 entries :)

Email your name and email address including all the entries you've done, your fb/multiply/tumblr/twitter account's username/link and blog url/link where you placed our badge or blogged about Asianvogue.

Send to with the subject "BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY ENTRIES".

-If your account is set to private, please attach a screenshot.
-Giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only.
-All entries are subject to verification.

Giveaway will end on October 25 and winners will be chosen via on November 1.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I LOVE COFFEE! ('nuf said)

My favorite mug with coffee! :)

This semester has gone completely wild and intense! But for that reason, there was something which kept me up for the all-nighters and extreme papers due for MINOR subjects... hello, coffee! I think, while I'm on a break mode from a 2-hour diagram-making for this final project we're making, it's basically a time for making a tribute for coffee now.

I joined undressedskeleton's (aka the very inspiring Taralynn McNitt who taught me to be more health-conscious rather than having thoughts of crash-dieting for particular needs) coffee contest! :)

What got you hooked?

Frankly, this semester was the thing that taught me to drink coffee... and to savor it although I never drink it hot. Anyway, it started one night when I was studying for a test 'cause I was panicking that I would fail it and I decided to have a mug of coffee to keep me awake. During the time that I was drinking it, my brain, like, suddenly had a boost in speed and my mind got extremely energized.

It was my first time to make my own coffee and it wasn't so bad! I passed that test, btw, thanks to this. *all hail*

How do you drink your coffee?

It's the common coffee we have here and... brown sugar really works :D I'd rather add milk than the usual creamer for a healthier choice, though. I also love tasting coffee from various cafes! Plus, sipping my coffee soooo patiently is a must!

What’s your favorite coffee Cafe?

Purple Potato Latte!

The tastiest coffee I've ever tasted was that from Subspace Coffeehouse (here's my post about it: here in the Philippines! It's basically a Korean-themed cafe with all the cutesy stuff and an invigorating feel. Their specialty is the Purple Potato Latte which made my friends go "huh?!" when I mention it to them. It's really interesting, though, if they really put potatoes in it lol Anyway, I loved it there since and everytime I get the chance, I see to it that I visit there for some "me time."

(Maybe I should do a less rushed entry about coffee one of these days during the break for a more "proper" tribute <3 Nonetheless, coffee's my energizer!)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


A million words would not bring you back, I know because I've tried. Neither would a million tears, I know because I've cried.

- whats_upmildred@Twitter

No particular meaning but this tweet just struck me.

Ugh, stop.

For the millionth time, I've been asked, "are you on a diet?"

Well, here's to you, future person who's gonna ask the same question. Yes, I am absolutely on a diet, a healthy diet. Not those slimming diets, mind you. I can barely put myself into restriction when it comes to bread. Also, I'd love to clarify, that for some reason I grew tired of eating rice. "Impossible! Is there even such a thing?" Apparently, yes, considering I'm a person who easily gets tired of things when I've already gotten much of it. And, eating rice just doesn't give me a good feeling anymore for some reason I won't elaborate more in here. Although if you're so curious why, ask those who I've talked it to about: my friends.

Am I anorexic? No, I am not. I still eat as much as I can but I can get pretty irritable when I am not able to eat something healthy during a meal. These healthy stuff range from my growing love for vegetables and fruits to seafood viands and a partial amount of meat. And I love drinking tea: green and ginger teas. I still eat chocolates, cakes and other sweets once in a while; as much as possible, I avoid eating processed meat except when I actually crave for them.

Plus, I'm on a school stress "battle" recently.

I just had to let these off. It's getting too much of an annoying topic recently since I'm not a fan of repetitive questions. Alright, this should probably it.

I want a salad.
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