Friday, October 21, 2011

I LOVE COFFEE! ('nuf said)

My favorite mug with coffee! :)

This semester has gone completely wild and intense! But for that reason, there was something which kept me up for the all-nighters and extreme papers due for MINOR subjects... hello, coffee! I think, while I'm on a break mode from a 2-hour diagram-making for this final project we're making, it's basically a time for making a tribute for coffee now.

I joined undressedskeleton's (aka the very inspiring Taralynn McNitt who taught me to be more health-conscious rather than having thoughts of crash-dieting for particular needs) coffee contest! :)

What got you hooked?

Frankly, this semester was the thing that taught me to drink coffee... and to savor it although I never drink it hot. Anyway, it started one night when I was studying for a test 'cause I was panicking that I would fail it and I decided to have a mug of coffee to keep me awake. During the time that I was drinking it, my brain, like, suddenly had a boost in speed and my mind got extremely energized.

It was my first time to make my own coffee and it wasn't so bad! I passed that test, btw, thanks to this. *all hail*

How do you drink your coffee?

It's the common coffee we have here and... brown sugar really works :D I'd rather add milk than the usual creamer for a healthier choice, though. I also love tasting coffee from various cafes! Plus, sipping my coffee soooo patiently is a must!

What’s your favorite coffee Cafe?

Purple Potato Latte!

The tastiest coffee I've ever tasted was that from Subspace Coffeehouse (here's my post about it: here in the Philippines! It's basically a Korean-themed cafe with all the cutesy stuff and an invigorating feel. Their specialty is the Purple Potato Latte which made my friends go "huh?!" when I mention it to them. It's really interesting, though, if they really put potatoes in it lol Anyway, I loved it there since and everytime I get the chance, I see to it that I visit there for some "me time."

(Maybe I should do a less rushed entry about coffee one of these days during the break for a more "proper" tribute <3 Nonetheless, coffee's my energizer!)

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