Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Be gone, by gone.

I never thought that the actual phase of having to move out all my stuff from our present house to a new one was hard. I had to carefully choose which I have to transfer.

On another note, I’d like to say that despite my efforts to actually think of something sensible and that is so nostalgic about my family’s “move” to an expectedly better place to my school, I have nothing right now. The caffeine’s effect must’ve left my body already that instead of talking about gibberish whatnots, I’ll just share photos of our soon-to-be new home :)

The first installment of my stuff… more to come, I guess.

The new neighborhood I’m gonna be seeing.

And, hopefully, not our everyday dinner lol
Spam + Andok’s chicken + fried chicken… there’s too many chickens in this world.


Anyare sa manok?


Patti said...

Wow. How old are you again, Frances? I envy you, you're moving out already.^^ I'm 20 and working yet my parents WON'T let me move out.

Frances Lim said...

No, I didn't move out! They're coming along with me... we're having a new home XD Smaller, though, but nearer to school!

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