Saturday, June 18, 2011

Written Words

Thoughts put into words. Words put into paper.

Minutes ago, I was far from busy about this thing because I only wanted to find a “recyclable” current 1x1 photo for a paper requirement for Theology. However, my eyes caught something else: a glass box. A glass box full of letters which I thought to be already covered in dust since these can be traced back as far as when I was still in my 5th year in elementary school.
Most of it were retreat/recollection letters or better yet, “palancas” as we called these. This kind of letters is made to honestly speak out our minds about someone’s attitudes, positive or not —— it’s your choice on how to say it.

Retreat letters these were, the good old days where I spent the nights cramming just to give my classmates, even those who I wasn’t close with, a piece of my mind about what they should change about themselves or improve in any aspect.

Digging deeper in this box, I found more heartfelt messages, those that were unexpected ones given by your best-est friends… or even those who weren’t! Messages that I know were from their hearts: wishing me the best for a quiz, staying with me through the hardest times of my life, greeting me a good morning or even just a random “you’re my #1 fan!” joke…. those little things. It was also very touching, though, that these friends also put in effort by choosing a paper colored with my favorite color, orange.

In this box contains more than a lot than from what I remember what it contains or haven’t I noticed until now? A random drawing from my 6-year old cousin, a silly lollipop wrapper which I first bought in Starbucks, my then nerve-wracking schedule in high school and a letter about a petty fight among other things.

Looking back, a lot of things have happened during those years wherein I still managed to sleep 8 hours. I achieved a good friendship with people who, I’m more than glad to say, I’m still close with or, at the very least, I can still talk to about random things.

In these letters have I realized that it isn’t how creative or cute the paper used are, or if you used a very special stationary. It’s the things that touch people which is more important, the things that come from our hearts.

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