Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rated PG: Megi Melegrito

Just as her Tumblr page goes, "adventures of a twenty-one year old fangirl." Megi Melegrito isn't the common going-wild-and-screaming-when-they-see-their-idol KPop fangirl everyone must see as however, what probably sets her apart is the initiative to share her photos to other fangirls, those who are less fortunate to have a glimpse of their idols . There's also her artistic drawings found in her Deviantart.

Without further ado, in my second week of Rated PG, here's (Ate) Megi!

Name: Megi Melegirto
Current work: Segment Producer, MYX
Camera Equipment: Canon EOS 400D, Samsung PL101

How long have you been a fan of Korean Pop and what was the first instant that made you appreciate it?

I have been a KPOP fan for almost 6 years now. Hehe. First instant that made me appreciate it? To be honest, it's because of their pretty faces and unique hairstyles. XD

Who's your number 1 bias? What makes him/her set apart from other idols?

I'm torn between, Kim HeeChul of Super Junior and G-Dragon of Big Bang. I like both of them because HeeChul has this "blood type AB" personality. He's really playful and has a really good sense of humor but he's a bit conceited sometimes. But I like that about him. Plus he's really really pretty. *o* G-Dragon's the "serious musician" type. I love him for his deep love for music and fashion. I can't even call him an idol anymore because he's a real musician now, he makes his own music and he has also created his own identity outside Big Bang. But I still can't decide who's my number one because I need both of them in my life. Haha!

Recently, KPop has been invading the Philippines. How do you cope up with the want to see your favorite groups?

A couple of years ago, having a KPOP group to have a concert here in the Philippines is a like a dream. I have already accepted the fact that the only way to see them live is to go to Korea or in Thailand. But now, it's different. We're one of the luckiest countries. That's why I'm really really thankful that KPOP has invaded our country. I don't need to think about where to get the money for my plane ticket and accommodation fees anymore.

Looking at your Tumblr, many people like your posts but basically, how do you end up with really nice photos?

Well, I got into photography during college. Joined photography clubs and learned tons of things. But I'm too lazy to really study hardcore photography. I only know the basics. Hehe. When taking pictures, I always imagine that every idol standing in front of me is my bias. Because I'm not taking these pictures only for myself. I wanted to share it to every fangirl who doesn't get the same opportunities as I am. But when it comes to post processing, I don't really like using Photoshop that much. I only use it to put watermarks, adjust the brightness, contrast and size. I just like being honest with my pictures. :)

In general, what inspires you the most when you take photos?

Medyo cheesy really feels good receiving compliments from KPOP fans from all over the world. Especially to those fans who haven't seen any KPOP groups in person. Because a long time ago, I also spent the whole day in front of the computer staring at other people's pictures and reading their fan accounts, while dreaming that someday I will also take pictures of my favorites KPOP groups. Now that my dream came true, it's my turn to share them. :)

Travelling is one of the things photo enthusiasts get inspiration from. Do you think the same too? What do you usually take pictures of when you travel?

Yes. Because there some things that you can't explain in words. :)

What photo of yours can you consider as the best one? (Note: apparently, she's torn between two photos :D)

BEAST's Junhyung during BEAST's Manila tour.

Tumblr page: megiyah^_^

Finally, project 365.

The past three days of my summer haven't been really nice to me... meaning that I was left a bum and leaving me with so many random thoughts about some things. Need I not elaborate more?

Anyhow, I decided to finally start a Project 365. Yay for me! Though I'm doubting myself if I'm gonna make it through the end of it, I hope laziness won't find me T_T

As for this first picture, I've been wandering continuously around the house to 1) take a photo of and 2) free myself from boredom through taking pictures.

The what, who and where

Saturday, March 26, 2011

We so excited for Monday afternoon.

The past week has been unbelievably blurry, it all happened too fast for me too recollect everything. At least during this hour.

P!nk's "Fuckin Perfect" is, by far, one of the sensible songs out there right now for me. Please excuse me while I diss Rebecca-annoying-Black's face, song and her more-annoying-than-her friend.

Anyhoo, this is going nowhere and I'd better get back on track with this programming project.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rated PG: The first of the many: Sherica Ocbania

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The modern times seemed to have been the born of young photographers. Photographers who, in one way or another, influenced and inspired others to unveil their inner eye in unusual but very breathtaking photos.

Inspiration come from different aspects, different places and in unexpected ways. Here's Sherica Ocbania, one of the very few people who has grounded me with inspiration to both continue blogging and appreciate the most random things out of life! Here's a short online interview I had with her :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sherica Fabienne Ocbania
St. Louis University - Bachelor of Science Information Technology.

Camera equipment includes: My Canon EOS 1000D and its KIT LENS.

How did your interest in photography begin?

Well, It all started when I was in my first year of high school . . My mum bought me this Olympus Fe210 camera and tada. . .

You've been active in the online world quite sometime now and you've been well-known, especially in Tumblr, how do you handle criticisms and negative comments about your site/you?

The early days were frustrating, I get hatemails and every comment I receive affects my self esteem and confidence to continue what I'm doing but getting hatemails, I gained a lot of new friends that encouraged me a lot to do better and realized my self importance as a person. They gave me awesome advices to follow and I rarely get hatemails nowadays.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The last few years, you've been designing layouts for websites and the like, has it, in any way, influenced your style for photography?

In all honestly, I never really incorporate my photography with my layout designs. My photography is always random. While I always look for sophistication for my layouts, I can say that I'm much better designing layout that taking photos haha.

In three words, describe your photography style.

Random . Vintage. Uneasy

Where do you get your inspiration from?

All over the internet!

Do you edit your photos?


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What has been your most memorable photograph and why?

Nothing really special but I really love everything about this photo, no story behind it but I love how creepy it was. The crop, the color and the fog.

If you could have a shoot with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?


Check out her blog for more photos: :D

PS: Finally! A photographer appreciation post. Hope to have more soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Before I get awfully serious again

Just when I thought of the world depriving me of having an acceptable shot of the moon to my standards, I finally have one!! After many-to-mention tries after Lanuza's party, I went out to see the moon with a ring on it (all ya, single ladies, all ya, single ladies! Put your hands up!) but to my failure. Anyhoo...

Trissey (Cris Sy and Tricia Gosingtian combo)
copycats right in front of your eyes!

PS: Blogger and Facebook image resolution sucks big time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just came from a battle.

Fact: I’ve wanted more to post in my blog ever since I’ve discovered Live Writer.

Today was a no-school day for me since Physics Lab is all over for me… all sciences, at least, except for Physics Lecture. On another note, though, tomorrow until Wednesday is the finals week for our university. And there’s another test for me. I have really high hopes for this one simply because, as of the present, I’ve wanted it more than anything else. Please pray for me as well as Japan that needs more than prayers right now :(

There was this segment in 24 Oras where they showed Japanese citizens talking to each other on the two sides of a glass for the fear of transmitting the effects of radiation (such as thyroid cancer) for those who were affected (source: my father). I know each one of us is heartbroken for what is happening with Japan however, it’s sad that not all of us can contribute for their welfare for various reasons: financial incapability, geographical issues and such. The world is in a traumatizing state today. The thing, though is, to keep ourselves on a bright side and the fact that everyone must keep moving not only for personal purposes but for others’ future too.

So, poshprobinsyana. What I meant was, Ate Ishna tagged me in her post! It’s about a handwriting thing I never had the chance to do so I’m taking this while my eyes are still glued on the computer. And yes, I tagged, in return, a few more people! :D

Lastly, what's with the title? I just came from a battle with the viruses. Computer viruses. I need not explain why but I will, anyway... in the next 10 years. K :))

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wake up in the morning feelin’ like P.Diddy ;) (Illuminite photos)


Me, Tin, Gail, Anne, EJ and Anne.

Back: Ivan and Jorel




With another KPop fan, Anne! :D


© Anne Chincuanco


© Lalaine Alarcon


© Aris Acoba

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Titles are very hard to think of.

Last night, I had a very awesome night during the UA&P IT’s Project Management' Team’s “Illuminite” at the Renaissance Hotel. It was a yearly event for us IT students to recognize those who are, well, worthy of being recognized in terms of academic and character views. The smartest people in the batch were given certificates while there were special awards such as the “Ms. and Mr. Congeniality” and “the Lady Gaga and Kanye West.”

Meanwhile, there were performances by the some IT students. Some played in a band, sang and danced. Anyhoo, my group called “Potassium,” performed a Glee-like one however, it’s epic-ness was not entirely because of the performance itself but because since a member backed-out the last minute while we had a hard time looking for a replacement, we were lucky enough to have someone take an initiative to take the place. Nevertheless, I’m glad the audience had a good laugh because of that “hoohoohoo~” part in the song “Forget You,” the Gwyneth Paltrow version.

Maybe I’ll post some more pictures when people get to upload theirs?


© Dale Ligon

Upon arriving home, as usual, I looked at the mirror and criticized my sarcastically pretty eyebags which are already to big for my face. But “All Hail!” to my hair when I saw that it was perfectly in place after a huge ponytail that I decided to take some pictures. (This is my very first time post self-portraits in my blog so please pardon me if ever you get sick ‘cause of my fez XD)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

These Cool Stuff

The very awesome Kryz Uy of thirstythought brings back the love by raffling off these really cool certificates from Trilogy and Republiq! Be sure to join it! :D 


All you have to do is:

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Giveaway starts now and ends at 7PM on March 9, 2011!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Retreating to the retreat

Before somebody who’s logically lacking studies for her Statistics test about the mind-boggling probability cases, I finally decided to post some random pictures from my camera. Exactly a month ago, some of the SSE girls went for a full-scene (by means of that, I say a lot of plants, trees, mountains and even the Laguna de Bay) and very fulfilling retreat at Tanay, Rizal.


Hello there, craters on the right side of my nose!


Irmay and I goofing around at the veranda


With Mia and Krisia “Anne Curtis” Cruz



The picture shouts, “We are the dorks!”


“We are dorkier!”



I do those kinds of faces a lot, don’t I? :P



© Francelle Ricofuerto: Ants Can Go Robotic Silver


PS: Too lazy to edit.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Set the Program

Pre-caution: IT allergic people are forbidden in this post just in case. Haha, I’m kidding :D

Believe it or not, it’s already been my second day of figuring out how my programming project will turn out --- at least for its user interface. Anyhoo, it was such of a big help since I get to skim through the other codes for Java. I’m pretty proud of myself, though, because I got to accomplish stuff and learn CSS!



Here’s what my program looks like as of the present :) I wish to finish it in time… meaning, before the sem ends.

I won’t leave this entry with that, though. Who wants sushi? They’re from Tempura, a restaurant just beside Gerry’s Grill in TriNoma. Their food are more than just deliciously, mouth-watering- looking. Here’s two of what we ate for our dinner celebrating my father’s birthday!


Kani Salad Maki


Mixed Sushi

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Second Death

Months before, one of my friends tweeted me about having a Super Show III: Manila. I know you could guess my expression and what I exactly felt by then. Giddy, happy and at the same time determined to reach a whooping P10,000 for a VVIP seat. Some of you, though, thinks that it’s too much to spend for a three-hour concert. It was also the reason why I’m kind of not open to tell anyone about this fact because it’s either they comment “Ang yaman!” (which, of course, is a total false statement. I had to enormously hunger myself and avoid eating what I want in school) or “Grabe! Sobra naman!” (yes, that’s how I love this 13-3+2 all-boy Korean group). Nonetheless, I think the three hours was completely worth the wait!

Since words are less these days, here are photos from the concert itself. It was really nice to hear nice feedbacks from the people who see your photos regardless if they’re only interested about the boys’ pictures or if they actually like them. But, yes, thank you again! :) (I had to resize all photos XD)


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