Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rated PG: Megi Melegrito

Just as her Tumblr page goes, "adventures of a twenty-one year old fangirl." Megi Melegrito isn't the common going-wild-and-screaming-when-they-see-their-idol KPop fangirl everyone must see as however, what probably sets her apart is the initiative to share her photos to other fangirls, those who are less fortunate to have a glimpse of their idols . There's also her artistic drawings found in her Deviantart.

Without further ado, in my second week of Rated PG, here's (Ate) Megi!

Name: Megi Melegirto
Current work: Segment Producer, MYX
Camera Equipment: Canon EOS 400D, Samsung PL101

How long have you been a fan of Korean Pop and what was the first instant that made you appreciate it?

I have been a KPOP fan for almost 6 years now. Hehe. First instant that made me appreciate it? To be honest, it's because of their pretty faces and unique hairstyles. XD

Who's your number 1 bias? What makes him/her set apart from other idols?

I'm torn between, Kim HeeChul of Super Junior and G-Dragon of Big Bang. I like both of them because HeeChul has this "blood type AB" personality. He's really playful and has a really good sense of humor but he's a bit conceited sometimes. But I like that about him. Plus he's really really pretty. *o* G-Dragon's the "serious musician" type. I love him for his deep love for music and fashion. I can't even call him an idol anymore because he's a real musician now, he makes his own music and he has also created his own identity outside Big Bang. But I still can't decide who's my number one because I need both of them in my life. Haha!

Recently, KPop has been invading the Philippines. How do you cope up with the want to see your favorite groups?

A couple of years ago, having a KPOP group to have a concert here in the Philippines is a like a dream. I have already accepted the fact that the only way to see them live is to go to Korea or in Thailand. But now, it's different. We're one of the luckiest countries. That's why I'm really really thankful that KPOP has invaded our country. I don't need to think about where to get the money for my plane ticket and accommodation fees anymore.

Looking at your Tumblr, many people like your posts but basically, how do you end up with really nice photos?

Well, I got into photography during college. Joined photography clubs and learned tons of things. But I'm too lazy to really study hardcore photography. I only know the basics. Hehe. When taking pictures, I always imagine that every idol standing in front of me is my bias. Because I'm not taking these pictures only for myself. I wanted to share it to every fangirl who doesn't get the same opportunities as I am. But when it comes to post processing, I don't really like using Photoshop that much. I only use it to put watermarks, adjust the brightness, contrast and size. I just like being honest with my pictures. :)

In general, what inspires you the most when you take photos?

Medyo cheesy really feels good receiving compliments from KPOP fans from all over the world. Especially to those fans who haven't seen any KPOP groups in person. Because a long time ago, I also spent the whole day in front of the computer staring at other people's pictures and reading their fan accounts, while dreaming that someday I will also take pictures of my favorites KPOP groups. Now that my dream came true, it's my turn to share them. :)

Travelling is one of the things photo enthusiasts get inspiration from. Do you think the same too? What do you usually take pictures of when you travel?

Yes. Because there some things that you can't explain in words. :)

What photo of yours can you consider as the best one? (Note: apparently, she's torn between two photos :D)

BEAST's Junhyung during BEAST's Manila tour.

Tumblr page: megiyah^_^

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