Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The day I thought I lost my phone… again.


207229_209854889027028_100000075543283_864553_2291592_n © Cyril Castro

WHAATTTTT? Well, yes, it was during Cy’s brothers’ grad party that I thought I lost my phone my mother’s phone that I borrowed from her after I lost mine. I was even at the verge of tears because of that thought that if ever I lost it, I would never have a phone that I wanted. (Please don’t mind me if I say I don’t feel using Cherry Mobile for some reason or myphone because their phones always have a Philippine map at the back XD)

Anyhoo, this should be the last event before Cy will  go to New York for the whole summer. We’ll miss you >:D< …and we’ll find a sub for you and when you get back, you’re gonna dance with us again, ayt? ;) (The ‘ayt’ expression is an inside joke. Haha!)

Our performance in front of people who’re in total ignorance of Korean pop (probably) was just embarrassing. Hello, blank stares! Thank God, though, because there were people who appreciated us when we danced it the second time around in their garage. Check out our ‘LOL’ video =))

Our supposed to be perfect private performance for Cy's relatives....

207975_209855262360324_100000075543283_864564_136718_n© Cyril Castro

Technicolor without Ayeza :(

Filane, Melissa, Nicole, Arysse, Frances (yours truly) and Cyril

© Frances Lim

© Frances Lim


Chiui said...

Cool pics! Are you gonna start a girl group? haha!

frances said...

Thank you :D

Nah, we already have one and we're covering Rainbow XD Group name's Technicolor :D

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