Sunday, April 17, 2011

My summarized reason for blogging is…


Some random crap just dawned upon me. That is, I could never live without a blog. It’s probably my online life now since I could do whatever I want with this, my personal space in which I could possibly hide anything from my parents at the very least.


My second Blogspot blog, I deleted the first one :( First entry ever written in here was February 2, 2006 with (lol, jejemon attack):

my name is frances lim and i study at shs... first post ko toh...wala lang...hehe... galing kaming bicutan ngayon at bumisita sa rehab center... camp bagong DIWA... pangalan pa ng section namin ung rehab na un... natural nag-interview kami nung mga lalabas na ng rehab...hehe... ang unang ininterview namin ung mga higit na mas matatanda sa amin...mga 23 and kuya ronald and kuya eugene ung second naman mga medyo mas matanda sa amin mga 7 to 14 y/o. one on one yun... ung ininterview ko 14 y/o na lalaki... 3 y/o pa daw sya andun. ang tahimik nga nya e... ako na lang palagi nagtatanong [natural interview nga e...]. pero madaldal daw talaga sya sabi ng iba... may nalaman ako.... ang mag-bf o gf pala dun nag-uusap ng sign language... ang hirap noh? sinabi ng isang mas matanda na nagbabantay sa rehab... alam ko na ang sign language ng i love you at i hate you!!! bawal nga daw ituro sa amin yun e pero pinilit na lang namin nina arysse, bea at jamie... kaia ayun nalaman namin..hehe so umalis na kami ng 3:15 dun at dumating sa school ng 4:00... feeling ko iniiwasan ako nina ____________ ngayon.. hayyy... okay lang un... meron pa naman diyang ibang tao, dba?! hehe nayt na lang!!!


I first used Xanga around 2003. Xanga was that huge blogging platform around that  time and became a bandwagon among people who were so much into using the internet. Yep, including me. I remember, during that time, all I ever did with my blog was post chain surveys which were circulating everywhere I click a Xanga blog. Anyhow, being me as a Xanganian, or whatever you call us at that time, soon came to an end when I “discovered” Wordpress, Livejournal and Blogspot. Being the go-with-the-flow person that I am, I  tried the three and eventually, I got tired of being so obliged to update every single blog that I have. Plus, I signed up for numerous social networking sites just to satisfy my curiosity, take Myspace and hi5 as examples, so it really took up my time. Well, Wordpress could be the possible cleanest, really organized platform I encountered while Livejournal was where I posted most of my then random fandoms, JPop, anime, etc. (Yeah, I was also one of the people enticed to watch anime in my earlier times. Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Flame of Recca and Ghost  Fighter!) However, I decided to just stick with Blogger… I don’t how I put my decision to use it for, like, forever since I befriended many people in here.


Livejournal blog circa 2009. This is possibly the most presentable blog I’ve ever had.


Third Blogspot blog. That makes the present my fourth one!

The interesting thing about blogging, though, as I could summarize it in just a little paragraph, is the blogger’s willingness to experiences his/her experiences to strangers, those people we, bloggers, have never met before. I don’t know, it just feels good to be of help and inspiration to others? (Though I doubt I ever inspired someone to blog. Haha, I’m not “fishing”!) Blog hopping, as we have may call it since the start of the blogging era, was such of great help to meet new friends not only in the country but, yes, also internationally. Oh diba, bongga? There were even instances that I’ve seen people discuss relevant matters in someone’s blog thus, creating a positive output if one takes these expressions into good consideration. Anyhow, the point of this is that, one of the greatest things I have ever received from years of blogging is the freedom of being able to vent whatever I wanna say and also to be able to relate it to other people with the same opinions, issues and lessons learned in life. It’s not everyday that you encounter someone with the same thoughts that you have, you know?


Mayee said...

Yes, Frances, preach!!! I miss blogging like I used to though. Mas naging reserved yata ako ngayon, ewan ko kung bakit. Hehe.

fashioneggpplant said...

welcome back again?? hehe hope this one stays for a longer time :)

outcastxnomad said...

:) Why do I love this entry of yours? It's very free-spirited. Parang, you were just saying what you wanted to say on the spot. Sana tumagal ang mga tao sa blogger.

Ang blogger, parang in between ng underrated at overrated. LOL. But, I really love blogger.

frances said...

@Ate Mayee

lol Maybe you became more reserved or sth? :)

frances said...


Thank you! But I've been blogging here since the last year.

frances said...


Aaww, thank you Kaisa <3 Parang ang tagal na nga natin sa Blogger eh :D Though I'm happy I knew some people over the millions who're here.

outcastxnomad said...

I came back here to see if you replied or something and I was like, Who's Kaisa? :P

frances said...

FUDGE I'M SO SORRY, MICHELLE :(( Seriously, sorry :|

outcastxnomad said...

Nah. It's okay. :DD
At least you came to my blog, and tagged; And I'm not really using my name, so it's quite confusing.

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