Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Graduation Weekend.

I finally had the initiative to type something sensible here.

See, I graduated already. From High School, at least and I'm not enjoying summer this time because I'm bored. Imagine, yesterday, I was in front of the laptop for 9 straight fucking hours and all I did was check my Multiply, Tumblr, Twitter, Plurk and watch a movie entitled Romeo and Juliet. It's not the Romeo and Juliet Drew Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio but it's a Japanese one!

Justify FullThe actors there are much good-looking in the movie poster than the movie itself. HAHA. Srsly. The movie wasn't exactly like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet wherein Romeo and Juliet both died. Instead, it was like modern The Cinderella Story (starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray), the "Romeo" and "Juliet" in the movie followed the same story of the original one but neither of the two died so it's not a tragic one.

BTW, here are pictures last March 28, 2009:

With my mother

With Jamie, Carmela & Melissa

@ One Esplanade

Our grad ball was held at One Esplanade near Mall of Asia and it ended at 12 AM. Too bad, I wasn't able to stay until 12 because uwing-uwi na ako. There was a dance party all night and I got kind of bored and sleepy because all we did was dance and I haven't gotten much sleep.

And speaking of sleep, I've got to sleep first this afternoon. But before that, check out my Multiply first, K? Haha :D The two albums (Graduation & Grad Party) there. :)


Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday the 27th.

I'm sitting here in front of the laptop since 7:30 AM, 4 hours approximately. I've done some things already but really, all I did was watch and watch Korean movies. I have finished My Sassy Girl & Windstruck already. And now, I'm about to watch Tale of Two Sisters. I did some song downloading: My Sassy Girl's soundtrack, Avril Lavigne's three albums, Mandy Moore's So Real and Lily Allen's debut album that's why it's kind of slow when the laptop's loading but it's worth it you know?

Jeon Ji-Hyun is now my idol :D Next? Daisy and Il Mare!

The "Girl Big Bang" is about to debut on the 29th. Yep, on Sunday already! Watch the video and know what I'm talking about :D If you might have known, Sandara Park's there along with other three ladies and Big Bang (OMG). I'm sure she knows how lucky she is aside from the fact that she had kissed T.O.P of BB already in Gummy's vid.

Moving on, tomorrow's our graduation already and I'm happy that our teachers allowed us to take this day off. Don't worry, we won't disappoint you. I am so gonna miss everybody so I'm gonna write some words in here for them people. But first, let me congratulate our very own SHS Pep Squad for making our country proud \:D/ (You might have seen this in 24 Oras last night but I'm posting this for my own's sake. I didn't watch it eh. :P)

HAHA NICE. Di ka na baby. :-j


1. God

Thank you! Thank you! There's no other words to express how much I am grateful of all the blessings you have given me and look, I'm going to graduate already! Thanks for guiding me throughout the years and never letting me fall into those stupid circumstances wherein others had to experience it. You already know all the things I wanna say and you know there's so much of it.

2. Mama & Papa

Of course! Binayaran niyo tuition ko and all that. Besides that, there are so much you've given me: the love and care. My whole life is not enough to pay all those but I promise magiging valedictorian ako sa college! HAHAHA. So help me, God.

3. Bayanihan

My fourth year section. This isn't the best but this section is one of the best! I'm sure I'm gonna miss you all! Kahit na, inaalipusta niyo lang ako. HAHAHA. Kidding.

Gladys, Rita, Joanne, Babz, Gil, Bana, Japs, Marielle, Bea, Denise, Liaa, Hope, Mars, Jamie, Cy, Jec, Filane, Heidel, Charie, Kadors, Iam, Nixie, Milaine, Isabelle, Lois, Jaen, Kate, Mel, Julie, Anna M., Danielle, Mara O., Nice, Michelle, Gela, Ace, Jami, Ayeza, Elva, Denden, Aly, Patty, Leah, Dani, Bianca, Maika & Alex:

You all made me laugh and I thank you for that. I'll cherish our times forever.

4. Jamie, Denden, Agie, Tamtam, Carla, Camille, Giannina and my other Biyaya friends

HAH. At least we remained strong and steadfast WTF? :)) Thank you for all the things I've learned through you. I know we'll be facing new opportunities this time when we enter our colleges and we have to do these in our separate ways. May we not forget each other as we walk towards the future. Let's be the best that all we can be, friends!

5. Batch IX

My fulltime batch since I was in Prep A in SHSQC. The times were fun. Let's see each other again in... let me think, in the next 25 years? But hey, reunion please?

I don't --and other batchmates say so-- want parties wherein people are like animals-who-act-like-whores. Wala, malandi lang talagang tignan eh and besides some aren't born to party like real party people do. And! I'm not saying that I'm a party person.

That's all. I felt lazy again when I finished typing the things I wanna say to my parents. I'd love to make it longer but... eh, wag na. HAHA. So yeah, I'm gonna continue to watch Tale of Two Sisters already! :)

Congratulations, BATCH 2009!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will It Be?

Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

Finally, we're gonna graduate. All of high school will end and after two months, we'll say hello college and to a whole new world. High school wasn't so easy but I can say that these four years were the best. The best moments of my life and surely one of the things I will cherish in my life. There were both joy and sadness; ups and downs; achievements and struggles. Still, I thank God for giving me this chance and that I didn't miss a huge part of what made me become what I am now. There are people who wished they have studied in their earlier years and I'm grateful that I had these chances that others didn't have.

Our batch always gave the impression of being the noisiest and impolite. We couldn't blame them 'cause that's what we really are. We were born in the year of the monkey so to say. We showed everybody that we are capable of making the school proud of us. These achievements include winning in various competitions and even representing the country. Although we were somewhat unruly at times, we tried to be the best we can be.

In two days, I and my batchmates are going to graduate from the School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City. The school we hated and loved. The institution which made us conservative and be confident of what we do. The school who taught us to be conservative and smart in what we wear This was the one which nurtured us, thought us things that we know. SHSQC gave us lots of difficults homeworks. SHSQC didn't give us beauty rests. Though we don't appreciate these things right now, I am sure we will bring these to our future careers and teach these virtues and lessons to our children and if given the chance, to our grandchildren too.

High school has thought me many things. Be confident of what you are. Laugh out loud. Don't just dream of your dreams, achieve them. High school is all about endless responsibilities, honesty, sensitivity and faith in Him.

UP, UST, Ateneo, De La Salle, UA&P, FEU, MAPUA or wherever college you may be, there's always the high school life you could always look back to.

Congratulations, Batch IX!
And also to other graduating students!
Be proud of what you are!

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."
- Confucius

Friday, March 20, 2009


This day wasn't so good. I'd prefer to rate it as a so-so day.
The morning wasn't really good. IT WAS DAMN BAD. Yes, with an exclamation point.

I was wearing a "sports attire" attire because aside from the fact that it's really feels hot when I'm in my uniform, it's hot. I was really confident that there would be so many other people who's gonna wear the same kind of clothes. And just when I was about to enter the classroom, there was the Math teacher who kind of always scolds us when she sees something wrong. She was talking about THE proper uniform we're supposed to wear during graduation practices: THE tan-long-sleeved-I-don't-care-if-it's-hot uniform, a pair of black shoes and socks, of course. I didn't wear those! I got so paranoid and stuff that a teacher might scold us (I had a "partner-in-crime," by the way) and get us out of that effing stage right then and there when all our batchmates are watching. I, at least, got that right out of my mind for minutes. Thank God.

We had an early recess which was REALLY early. Good morning, the sun is shining! 8 AM. After that, we went down to the Podium to... sit before going to the gym and we waited "for the grade six students to vacate the gym." If you might've noticed, it's called ironic. The teacher should've said "devacate" or "unvacate" orrrr whatever that isn't synonymous to vacate. (DUH.) Back to the story. When our "younger sisters" finally got out of the gym, we went straight there BUT wait, rewind. We were asked to line up and then there was... ok, let's call her "Petra" who intentionally made me feel that wedgie-kind-of-way. Eh, too bad, there was my monthly visit. I got really surprised, I guess? xD So, I shouted "p*tang ina!" loud enough for the whole world to hear batch and teachers to hear. Our English teacher asked who that was and I was too honest enough to raise my hand and show my effing face. That teacher made me feel really guilty. And since it was my first time to say a curse in which older people heard it, I felt really bad and I cried. AS IN, CRY!

"We'll talk to you later."

That sentence was the one which made me cry and the expression! OMG, I'm dead, yo. But! Thank GOD (really, thank you!) our adviser understood my explanation and just let it go.

I'm sorry.
I pleaded guilty.
And I don't want to go to school anymore.
I feel tired anticipating for summer to come.

Forte Impromptu's play was the bomb, yo! Too bad I didn't see her act. Aawww. :( Oh, that reminded me of something really funny... in our canteen/cafeteria, there was some stall which sells shakes. The drink, dude. When you order a chocolate drink, expect the tindera to say,

THHHAAAAPINGS, BEH? (Topping, 'be?)
&& Annyeong seyo? (Anong sa'yo?)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blackmail me. Tease Me. NOT.

Remember Sandara Park? I'd love to be her NOW.
(She's gonna have a drama with T.O.P)

I cleaned my room last Saturday and got rid of MANY things.
I took pictures of these things as keepsakes...

My past eyeglasses since 4th grade.

Mi ultimo colección de "W.I.T.C.H."
Complete from A to Z 1-74.

Bata pa lang, feeling artista na.
Wrong spelling naman. =))

Yeah right. That was Glenda's letter to me.
Feeling Britney, feeling Mandy <3

Ate GK's letters always crack me up.
Yep, until now.

Yikes, Meteor Garden's F4... and Vic Zhou.

Truth to be told: I once had a crush on Mark.. Mark Herras @-)

My first favorite notebook that I kept all these years.

Blackmail me. Tease Me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Have One Unread Message.

List 10 Friends
1. Jamie Carreon
2. Denise Sison
3. Mel Mercado
4. Nicole Galang
5. Frances de Guzman
6. Carla Lugue
7. Jesson Montes
8. Arysse Sanvicente
9. Eur Punzalan
10. Angeline Lee

1. If you were to pick a color to describe 3, what would it be and why?:
She's the man!

2. How many times a week do you see friend 9?:
Five times a week or maybe 6.

3. What is 1's favorite food?:
One are those Jamaican patties.

4. Are any of these friends your significant other? Who?:
(Sharing: our Teenstar handouts said that "significant others"
are actually the partner in adultery. Haha, whatevr.)

5. Which friend have you known the longest? The shortest?:
Longest: Ma. Arysse Cyril Caluncaguin Sanvicente :>
Shortest: Jesson Montes

6. Does friend 8 have acne?:
No. She's flawless.

7. Have you ever gotten drunk with 7 or 4?:
I don't get drunk with friends :)

8. Do any of these friends smoke?:

9. Have you had a crush on any of your friends?:
No, I don't.

10. What is your favorite thing about number 2?:
She's hot, man, 'cause she's white. =))

11. What sports does 10 play?:

12. How old is 5?:
Sixteen going on seventeen.

13. What pisses you off about 6?:
Sa'kin na lang yun.

14. Have you kissed any of these friends? Who?:
1, 3, 4, 8 & 9 :)

15. Which one of these friends are more optimistic?:
It'd be Eur.

16. Which one is the most pessimistic?:
4, kind of.

17. Is friend number 7 too nice for their own good?:
We're not actually that "close."

18. Does number 9 spend too much time on Facebook?:
No. She does Multiply most of the time.

19. Does 8 ever make fun of you?:
They all do :(

20. Have you ever gone to the mall with 4?:
Lots of times.

21. If you were upset, would number 1 come over to cheer you up?:
No, really.

22. Which one of these friends watches too much TV?:

23. Is number 10 a very considerate person?:
Very much.

24. Is 5 attractive?:
YES! :">
Boy na boy.

25. Does number 6 have a great fashion sense?:

So, okay. I am bored today.
We didn't have any classes because of the NAT thing and my mother didn't allow me to go swim with my super friends at BF a while ago. Her main reason was that "graduation's coming up." WTH? Do you get my point. How can actually going out too much be connected to the graduation? Our teacher even said that we shouldn't do gimmicks before grad which is on the 28th. I was kind of disappointed for I was the one who planned the whole thing out and then I couldn't go. :( There's "always" a next time anyway... maybe after 2 years.

What did I do the whole day? I watched Asian dramas and checked on Multiply, Facebook, Plurk, Tumblr and youtube. Plurk hasn't been in good terms with me lately; it kept on saying that there's maintenance thing from 15:20 up to now. Hah, I haven't been too much productive. I've watched Kimi wa Petto (You are my Pet or something like that), 200 Pounds Beauty (I cried HARD. The lead was too good!) and Boys Before Flowers' Episode 19 (best episode ever! I loved the "bonding" time they had). SoEul :">

Today's Francis M's burial. Yeah, I'm still surprised of how he died too early but I... no, we all know he's already happy there with God.

And oh, I'd like to quote a part of Ate MiSu's comment:

Macau?? I wanna go there. Hahaha!! why not go to Japan instead? But I suggest Thailand though cause I can like tell you where to go and stuff like that. But you made your decision na. And besides, what if you see the BOF cast there? ;)

Oo nga naman. :)) You see, I think I couldn't go to Japan to "see" Matsujun and the Hana Yori Dango cast there because I don't have my visa yet. Second, I wasn't too much yet addicted to Meteor Garden when it was popular back those days. Kaya naman Boys Before Flowers na lang gusto kong makita. And besides, it would be a very perfect gift for me on my birthday.

(I hope you'd send me e-mails or cards on that day.)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Bittersweet.


  • Francis Magalona's sudden death
I didn't think he's going to die. I mean, earlier because everyone's saying that he's getting better, eh. It was a TGIF-day and all the exams were finished... but this was too shocking. Frankly, though, it was kind of nothing to me. We weren't related in any way. After hearing the news, though, from 24 Oras (I wasn't watching, eh. Haha), I realized that it's really heartbreaking. To lose one of the versatile, nationalistic, dedicated artists in the Philippines is one big thing. Naisip ko nga, dapat may star siya sa Walk of Fame sa Eastwood. Say no to Marian Rivera, please? The "Master Rapper" deserves it.

And thinking that he is supposed to be the surprise guest of Eraserheads tonight in their reunion in MOA (which I don't have the chance to go to because of the planned to go to the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus concert in TriNoma), it's very much saddening.

  • Tricia Gonsigtian & Dae Lee's Break-up

Okay, wala lang. I opened my Facebook account just now (18:34) and I checked on the news updates of the people there. I was surprised by that update.

I mean, I just saw Dae Lee a while ago pa lang. (Yeah, it was to him that I was "starstrucked" Haha.) And look at the time! 01:08 was the time of the responses. I really thought they were such a perfect couple.

PS: Elai, now I know what you mean :>
PPS: I am in no relation to them.

Oh, I'm gonna study in UA&P already, btw. I decided that UP Pampanga's THAAAAT far. (Remember Somewhere I Have Never Travelled Gladly Beyond by ee cunnings? Yun yun. ((=)

Me: Mama, nakita mo ba yung Koreano na nandun? Yung maliit? Yun si Dae Lee.
Mama: Siya ba yun? Di ba siya nasa Koreanovela?

  • Macau thing
My mom asked me where I wanted to go: Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, Cambodia or Thailand. It took a day for me to answer Macau. So, why then did I choose Macau? Simply because the "Boys Over Flowers" cast shoots there and because I got so so enthralled by the show, I wanted to buy their OST (Cy has to take care of that) and have every merchandise they have.

The bitter-est side I have to endure? (HAHA) We were supposed to go there on April 4 but PAL didn't have any slots or whatever left so it was moved to April 17 instead. :( So much for the excitement.

  • Kamekami
Ok, it's an online store in Multiply and it was so much hassle to coordinate with them. I mean, it should me the customer who should get what he/she wants, right? Yeah, yeah, I got what I wanted but my friend, Cyril, who ordered two Amigo CD's (one for her and one for a friend's sister) and who got so impatient with them because of their oh-so-tight-schedule-like-ours-weren't, didn't get her orders.

They even said that WE didn't have any problems with them and so I say, what the fuck man.


  • Fourth Year High School is officially over!
...and I'm gonna shout that again, HIGH SCHOOL IS FINALLY OVER ! Goodbyehighschool, hellosummer and hi, college! On top of that, I finished my Physics test with confidence which was really a first.

  • My Remember (Big Bang) CD
It just came but at Cy's house because our family decided to keep our address very private, thank you very much. I'm gonna get it there tomorrow. :>
  • Macau thing. Yes, again.
I'm excited, still. :D
  • Summer!
I'm more excited with this though I have no thoughts of how I'm going to be able to do with what I planned YET. I want to...
  1. have a high-paying summer job;
  2. have dance and singing lessons formally;
  3. do sports especially swimming;
  4. get rid of my glasses;
  5. as well as my very large eye bags
  6. buy clothes for college!
Oh, by the way, I bought two blouses during a sale in SM. They had a sale but we didn't have the chance to buy things on sale. @-)
  • Religious blogging
For sure, I'm gonna be quite bored because there isn't pressure anymore, thank God! Soooo, I'm back blogging world! Say hi to me! =))
  • BOF's Second OST & Super Junior's third album; Paramore's "Final Riot"
I want Hyun Joong's "Because I'm Stupid!" :">
Heechul, ♥ your nails.
  • Matsujun's Yabai-Yabai-Yabai
I found Matsujun cute in this video and it was beyond cool. (Ate Mika, I'm gonna steal him away from you! HAHA. Kidding, of course)

Source: Unnie! (Ate Ishna)

I have to go now. Catch Cascade in Pet Society!

AnnaLynne McCord, what were you thinking?
Seems like you're in too shock and what's with the make-up?

안녕히 가세요!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

He has an IQ of over 150.

The Almighty Jun-pyo’s Misquotes

Episode 1 (Scene #51)

Jun-pyo means: “Don’t touch the whiskers of a sleeping lion,” meaning, don’t play with fire.
(잠자는 사자 코털 건드렸네.)

Jun-pyo says: “Don’t touch the whiskers of a sleeping wolf.”
(누가 잠자는 늑대의 코털을 건드리래?)

Episode 2 (Scene #13)

Jun-pyo means: “If you speak of the tiger, it’ll appear,” meaning, Speak of the devil.
(호랑이도 제 말하면 온다.)

Jun-pyo says: “The tiger’s foot falls asleep.”
(호랑이도 제 발 저린다더니.)

Episode 2 (Scene #22)

Jun-pyo means: “With money, even an ugly duckling can turn into a swan.”
(돈을 칠하니까 미운 오리새끼도 백조로 둔갑을 하긴 하는구나.)

Jun-pyo says: “With money, even an ugly duckling can turn into a heron.”
(돈을 칠하니까 미운 오리새끼도 백로로 둔갑을 하긴 하는구나.)

Episode 3 (Scene #5)

Jun-pyo means: “The early bird catches the worm.” (일찍 일어나는 새가 벌레를 잡는다.)

Jun-pyo says: “The early bug dies faster.” (일찍 일어나는 벌레가 빨리 죽는다)

Episode 3 (Scene #26)

This is the rare occasion that Jun-pyo gets a saying right: “Does a pumpkin turn into a watermelon just because you draw lines on it?” (호박이 줄긋는다고 수박 되냐?)

Episode 4 (Scene #14)

I’m not sure if this counts since it was in a scene that wasn’t aired, but:

Jun-pyo means: “Pine caterpillars should only eat pine needles,” which means don’t bite off more than you can chew.
(송충이는 솔잎을 먹어야 한다.)

Jun-pyo says: “Pine caterpillars only eat pine cones.”
(송충이는 솔방울을 먹어야 한다.)

Episode 4 (Scene #54)

Jun-pyo means: “Did you swallow a train smokestack?” meaning she’s loud and shrill.
(기차 화통을 삶아먹었나)

Jun-pyo says: “Did you eat a train’s heart?”
(기차 염통을 삶아먹었나)

(for "future" purposes.)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun

This is THE idea of what our fourth year life is and it's gonna end soon on the 28th of March.
And tomorrow, FINALS start! \m/

In the beginning was the "weekend". It was long and dull, but the seniors were happy.
But the School loved the seniors so much and wanted holistic formation for them...
So the School said, "Let there be minor subjects!"
And, to the seniors' utter horror and dismay, there were minor subjects... eight awful and equally horrendous minor subjects,
And the School called the minor subjects, "electives".
And the seniors said, "Yeah, right."
And the School said, "Let minor subjects have authority to give projects."
And there came TeenSTAR.
And PMS ate up the first day.

But the seniors were happy and thankful for not having classes on a Monday, too.
And the School said, "The Physics Lab Test is not enough. Let seniors have something long and tedious and completely unnecessary to do on their 'holiday'".
And behold, there appeared PROSEC and its Home Delights.
And PROSEC required a 5-page paper on how learning how to put on make-up had saved the seniors' lives.
And Home Delights ate up the second day.

And now school had come and the seniors filed into their rooms.
And they were excited to find out the CommArts Week results.
But the School said, "Tough luck. We'll tell you next week."
And the seniors groaned with disappointment.
And the school saw it was good.
And the School said, "Let clubs have the power to give bigtime projects"
And the Journalism Club made its members produce a 10-minute documentary.
And the School said, "Let there be no sleep for seniors tonight."
And CSS was born.
And the seniors asked, "So, how do we do this?"
And the School said, "Figure it out for yourselves."
And the seniors begrudgingly laid out the school's good points in a multi-page website.
And the School saw it was good.
And CSS ate up the third day.

And the School said, "Let there be a mass for Ash Wednesday."
And the School saw the bags under the students' eyes.
And the School said, "If you dare go to the clinic to sleep, you die."
And the seniors said, "Could you please at least extend our break?"
And the School glowered. "Five minutes."
And the seniors were strangely zombie-like for the rest of the day.
And the School said, "The seniors need another minor subject fix."
And Finale software came into existence.
And the School said, "Give me a CD of the song. And the musical notation. And the rhythmic notation. And the chords."
And the seniors asked, "What's the difference, anyway?"
And the School said, "Diniscuss ko 'yan."
And Finale software ate up the fourth day.

And the School said, "Minor subjects must give both practical and written tests."
And semaphore appeared before the seniors.
And the seniors asked, "Left or right? Mirror image ba?"
And the School said, "Just do what I do and you'll have a practical test in five."
And the seniors were taught semaphore in different directions.
And the School saw it was good.
And the seniors said, "Hey, at least we reviewed for the Music long test."
And the School said, "Oh yeah, what you reviewed isn't included."
And the seniors said, "WTF is this?!"
And the School said, "Diniscuss ko 'yan".
And the seniors failed.
And the school saw it was good.
And the seniors said, "We still studied for the Track and Field quiz in PE."
And the School said, "Two-thirds of that quiz will be about sports nutrition instead."
And the seniors said, "Sports what?"
And the School said, "And after that you'll be having a practical on throwing a heavy ball, and you'll have to go through this fake obstacle course."
And the shot put ate up the fifth day.

And the School said, "Let the seniors not enjoy their last regular school day."
And teachers walked out of their classes.
And people broke down from the stress.
And the lack of sleep.
And so much more.
And friends made everything better. :)
And more friends trespassed and everything was GREAT. :D
And School saw what it had done, and decided it was brutal enough.
And sleep came for the seniors on the last day.

This is gonna be rocking.
xoxo's to you, Bianca.
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