Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Bittersweet.


  • Francis Magalona's sudden death
I didn't think he's going to die. I mean, earlier because everyone's saying that he's getting better, eh. It was a TGIF-day and all the exams were finished... but this was too shocking. Frankly, though, it was kind of nothing to me. We weren't related in any way. After hearing the news, though, from 24 Oras (I wasn't watching, eh. Haha), I realized that it's really heartbreaking. To lose one of the versatile, nationalistic, dedicated artists in the Philippines is one big thing. Naisip ko nga, dapat may star siya sa Walk of Fame sa Eastwood. Say no to Marian Rivera, please? The "Master Rapper" deserves it.

And thinking that he is supposed to be the surprise guest of Eraserheads tonight in their reunion in MOA (which I don't have the chance to go to because of the planned to go to the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus concert in TriNoma), it's very much saddening.

  • Tricia Gonsigtian & Dae Lee's Break-up

Okay, wala lang. I opened my Facebook account just now (18:34) and I checked on the news updates of the people there. I was surprised by that update.

I mean, I just saw Dae Lee a while ago pa lang. (Yeah, it was to him that I was "starstrucked" Haha.) And look at the time! 01:08 was the time of the responses. I really thought they were such a perfect couple.

PS: Elai, now I know what you mean :>
PPS: I am in no relation to them.

Oh, I'm gonna study in UA&P already, btw. I decided that UP Pampanga's THAAAAT far. (Remember Somewhere I Have Never Travelled Gladly Beyond by ee cunnings? Yun yun. ((=)

Me: Mama, nakita mo ba yung Koreano na nandun? Yung maliit? Yun si Dae Lee.
Mama: Siya ba yun? Di ba siya nasa Koreanovela?

  • Macau thing
My mom asked me where I wanted to go: Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, Cambodia or Thailand. It took a day for me to answer Macau. So, why then did I choose Macau? Simply because the "Boys Over Flowers" cast shoots there and because I got so so enthralled by the show, I wanted to buy their OST (Cy has to take care of that) and have every merchandise they have.

The bitter-est side I have to endure? (HAHA) We were supposed to go there on April 4 but PAL didn't have any slots or whatever left so it was moved to April 17 instead. :( So much for the excitement.

  • Kamekami
Ok, it's an online store in Multiply and it was so much hassle to coordinate with them. I mean, it should me the customer who should get what he/she wants, right? Yeah, yeah, I got what I wanted but my friend, Cyril, who ordered two Amigo CD's (one for her and one for a friend's sister) and who got so impatient with them because of their oh-so-tight-schedule-like-ours-weren't, didn't get her orders.

They even said that WE didn't have any problems with them and so I say, what the fuck man.


  • Fourth Year High School is officially over!
...and I'm gonna shout that again, HIGH SCHOOL IS FINALLY OVER ! Goodbyehighschool, hellosummer and hi, college! On top of that, I finished my Physics test with confidence which was really a first.

  • My Remember (Big Bang) CD
It just came but at Cy's house because our family decided to keep our address very private, thank you very much. I'm gonna get it there tomorrow. :>
  • Macau thing. Yes, again.
I'm excited, still. :D
  • Summer!
I'm more excited with this though I have no thoughts of how I'm going to be able to do with what I planned YET. I want to...
  1. have a high-paying summer job;
  2. have dance and singing lessons formally;
  3. do sports especially swimming;
  4. get rid of my glasses;
  5. as well as my very large eye bags
  6. buy clothes for college!
Oh, by the way, I bought two blouses during a sale in SM. They had a sale but we didn't have the chance to buy things on sale. @-)
  • Religious blogging
For sure, I'm gonna be quite bored because there isn't pressure anymore, thank God! Soooo, I'm back blogging world! Say hi to me! =))
  • BOF's Second OST & Super Junior's third album; Paramore's "Final Riot"
I want Hyun Joong's "Because I'm Stupid!" :">
Heechul, ♥ your nails.
  • Matsujun's Yabai-Yabai-Yabai
I found Matsujun cute in this video and it was beyond cool. (Ate Mika, I'm gonna steal him away from you! HAHA. Kidding, of course)

Source: Unnie! (Ate Ishna)

I have to go now. Catch Cascade in Pet Society!

AnnaLynne McCord, what were you thinking?
Seems like you're in too shock and what's with the make-up?

안녕히 가세요!!


M I K A said...

we should definitely pray for FrancisM's soul and for his family. :|

I felt the same way din. It's prolly cause we both experienced what his family's going through just this year. This is gonna feel weird but I sortakinda respected him as a musician. I love his music.

anywhoo. . i'm gonna mostly comment from the sweet side now.

Congrats in advance on your Graduation!!! :D

Macau?? I wanna go there. Hahaha!! why not go to Japan instead? But I suggest Thailand though cause I can like tell you where to go and stuff like that. But you made your decision na. And besides, what if you see the BOF cast there? ;)

I hope you'll make your last summer as a high schooler worth it cause college will be entirely different.

Now I know why you wrote "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai!" Hahaha! I love that song -- the only solo I like from him, unfortunately. Wondered about his outfit there though cause he's the fashionista sa group. . . But yea, when I saw the video on Youtube for the first time, I was like "DAAAANG!!" and my heart melted. Hahaha!!! I knew I should have bought that DVD when I was in Japan. Now I'm regretting it. :'(


I think she slept while she went to the tanning salon. :))

that's it. i'm ending here.

hugsandkisses. :)

OH! watch this on youtube: ARASHI BEATBOX TV

you'll laugh so haard. =))

Ishna Probinsyana said...

I was (still is, in fact) in shock. I thought he was recovering na and all. I don't know them personally either, I just happened to be one the Magalonas' blog readers and I somehow know how Francis M was battling his sickness and how his family were hopeful that he'll be well. :(

Woot! UA&P na pala talaga! Congrats sa graduation and good luck with college.. But most especially have fun in Macau! You deserve it! :)

And OHEMGEE. lol. Syempre I watched the video again. I am really really falling and falling deeply inlove with MAtsuJun. HAHAH. Ang exage ko. Shiyeeet.

~kcasti said...

oh my god. what's wrong with you, annalynne mccord!? c'mon. don't party much with a look like that! ack!

francis magalona's death was a real shocker. to think that i was overhearing the sound of the television the time when vic sotto announced it.

wow. macau trip! i haven't been able to go outside the parameter o metro manila. that farthest place i have ever went is baguio, which is so like 10 years ago! macau has always been a dream destination to me.

i missed you, frances! sorry i wasn't able to read thoroughly and comment on your posts (referring to your previous blog) though i always try to make it a point to drop by your site once in a while. ugh. i haven't been up to anything lately but i haven't had the heart to take so much time in bloghopping for over a month.

take care! ;)

Frances said...


THANK YOU! &hug&

If I see the BOF cast, it would be the best gift EVER :"> I want to see Kim Bum.

OMG THE ARASHI BEATBOX! =)) Sino ba yung nagsisneeze dun sa vid?

Frances said...


Thanks! :D
Francis M's death's been too much saddening...

Frances said...


Don't worry, makakasakay ka din :>
IMY, Ate Kristine!

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