Friday, March 20, 2009


This day wasn't so good. I'd prefer to rate it as a so-so day.
The morning wasn't really good. IT WAS DAMN BAD. Yes, with an exclamation point.

I was wearing a "sports attire" attire because aside from the fact that it's really feels hot when I'm in my uniform, it's hot. I was really confident that there would be so many other people who's gonna wear the same kind of clothes. And just when I was about to enter the classroom, there was the Math teacher who kind of always scolds us when she sees something wrong. She was talking about THE proper uniform we're supposed to wear during graduation practices: THE tan-long-sleeved-I-don't-care-if-it's-hot uniform, a pair of black shoes and socks, of course. I didn't wear those! I got so paranoid and stuff that a teacher might scold us (I had a "partner-in-crime," by the way) and get us out of that effing stage right then and there when all our batchmates are watching. I, at least, got that right out of my mind for minutes. Thank God.

We had an early recess which was REALLY early. Good morning, the sun is shining! 8 AM. After that, we went down to the Podium to... sit before going to the gym and we waited "for the grade six students to vacate the gym." If you might've noticed, it's called ironic. The teacher should've said "devacate" or "unvacate" orrrr whatever that isn't synonymous to vacate. (DUH.) Back to the story. When our "younger sisters" finally got out of the gym, we went straight there BUT wait, rewind. We were asked to line up and then there was... ok, let's call her "Petra" who intentionally made me feel that wedgie-kind-of-way. Eh, too bad, there was my monthly visit. I got really surprised, I guess? xD So, I shouted "p*tang ina!" loud enough for the whole world to hear batch and teachers to hear. Our English teacher asked who that was and I was too honest enough to raise my hand and show my effing face. That teacher made me feel really guilty. And since it was my first time to say a curse in which older people heard it, I felt really bad and I cried. AS IN, CRY!

"We'll talk to you later."

That sentence was the one which made me cry and the expression! OMG, I'm dead, yo. But! Thank GOD (really, thank you!) our adviser understood my explanation and just let it go.

I'm sorry.
I pleaded guilty.
And I don't want to go to school anymore.
I feel tired anticipating for summer to come.

Forte Impromptu's play was the bomb, yo! Too bad I didn't see her act. Aawww. :( Oh, that reminded me of something really funny... in our canteen/cafeteria, there was some stall which sells shakes. The drink, dude. When you order a chocolate drink, expect the tindera to say,

THHHAAAAPINGS, BEH? (Topping, 'be?)
&& Annyeong seyo? (Anong sa'yo?)


M I K A said...

post friday-the-13th. lol

look on the bright side, at least graduation's coming up. :)

The sneezing guy sa arashi's beatbox tv is aiba. you gotta love that. i have it as my ringtone whenever someone calls. :))

Jam said...

Aw. That's humiliating. Really. But, it's okay. I've experienced that sort of stuff before. Haha. Lilipas din naman yan. And, yes, grad's coming up. :D

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