Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Graduation Weekend.

I finally had the initiative to type something sensible here.

See, I graduated already. From High School, at least and I'm not enjoying summer this time because I'm bored. Imagine, yesterday, I was in front of the laptop for 9 straight fucking hours and all I did was check my Multiply, Tumblr, Twitter, Plurk and watch a movie entitled Romeo and Juliet. It's not the Romeo and Juliet Drew Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio but it's a Japanese one!

Justify FullThe actors there are much good-looking in the movie poster than the movie itself. HAHA. Srsly. The movie wasn't exactly like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet wherein Romeo and Juliet both died. Instead, it was like modern The Cinderella Story (starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray), the "Romeo" and "Juliet" in the movie followed the same story of the original one but neither of the two died so it's not a tragic one.

BTW, here are pictures last March 28, 2009:

With my mother

With Jamie, Carmela & Melissa

@ One Esplanade

Our grad ball was held at One Esplanade near Mall of Asia and it ended at 12 AM. Too bad, I wasn't able to stay until 12 because uwing-uwi na ako. There was a dance party all night and I got kind of bored and sleepy because all we did was dance and I haven't gotten much sleep.

And speaking of sleep, I've got to sleep first this afternoon. But before that, check out my Multiply first, K? Haha :D The two albums (Graduation & Grad Party) there. :)



Anonymous said...

sorry about leaving you at fb. it kinda kicked me out in some waay. haha! we'll talk next time.

Romeo and Juliet. . . I thought you watched the drama cause I don't like Takky (Romeo).

Try watching Nodame Cantabile. it's good and funny. :)

Happy Grad (again)! I am lovin` your dress for the grad ball. I kinda wish we had a grad ball when I was in 4th year. :P

Anonymous said...

. . . hold on.

*checks R&J picture*

. . . OMG that IS Takky! :))

but Juliet is pretty. :)

yan lang. :P

Ishna Probinsyana said...

You look so pretty with your dress! Ang girly girly mo dun. Minsan lang kita makita sa pictures na girly girly eh. :P

jue said...

me too! i'm loving your grad ball pictures, you're so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Frances! :) You look so pretty with the dress. Gah, grad ball. We didn't have one during my senior year in hs. Holy Spirit din naman kami. Boo. :(

Frances said...

@ Mika

Haha, it's okay :>

I actually watched the movie but IDK why that poster showed on that page.

Thank youuuuu, Ate Mika! :*
Yeah, Juliet in the series sure is pretty.

Frances said...

@ Ishna

Thanks! Haha.
May friend nga ako na tawag sa'kin Brader Mer (IDK why :P) tapos sabi niya "Brader Mer, di ka na brader!" and then I replied, "ano, sister na ba?"

HAHA. K. Share na share :P

Frances said...

@ Cathy

Catrina! IMY :* Be back soon!
Thanks! :D

Aaaw, why? Dapat meron a.

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