Friday, April 3, 2009

The Natural Laws Ain't Got No Constitutions, baby.

Okay so what the hell, I was in such bad mood earlier this morning. I was very excited to go to school really early and guess what, I didn't see my friends there so I looked like some idiot waiting for the rain to pour down. I was so furious even though I know it's karma for letting one of my friends wait when I'm not coming.

Thanks to Pet Society, I got over it. Fast.

Yesterday, I was in TriNoma with my ever loving friends from our review center, in which we had classes together last summer, but we were only three. HAH. So much for inviting a lot of people to join us. I was with Jesson and Annapat the whole time. We didn't take pictures of us because of their girlfriend and boyfriend, respectively (DUH.) who are both seloso.

We watched a movie, "Fast and the Furious." (The fourth installment of 2 Fast 2 Furious) Man, it was a hell of a movie! I wanna watch it again. Haha. And the cars? They're good. I think I like the cars in the 3rd movie more.

Besides watching a movie, Timezone won't be missing in our plans! Okay. Frankly, I got bored playing there because the people I'm with doesn't seem to enjoy Timezone as much as I do. Whatever. So we strolled around one side of TriNoma: Crossings' side, specifically. And shoot, I instantly fell in love with the Team Manila shirts! They're the coolest! I know, it's so so yesterday for you. Anyway, they cost P500 EACH. Mother....! I bought two naman. HAHA. Yes, even if I don't have any money left. What the hell, though, they're comfy!

Guess what "Team Manila" shirt I'm wearing today! :>


Now that I'm back online again for the very nth time this day, I'm gonna answer my own question up there. So what "Team Manila" shirt do I have here? It's (drum roll, please!) the LRT shirt! Thank you, Ava, for answering! Haha :) Too bad, they don't have it yet on their website.

I've gone to McDonald's Commonwealth this morning for the summer (or not) job and I returned 6 PM for the briefing. I can't believe we (with Jamie and Den) actually passed the first stage but now, I'm doubting myself to pass the second. Man, it's the OJT or OJE. Whatever. So yeah, I'm havin' a summer job, baby! I think of it as cool. K.

Have I shared to you that this summer, I'm planning to do various things? Yeah, still planning. FTW.

  • A summer job with my friends which doesn't seem like a plan anymore.
  • Swimming! Could you suggest me where I could, like, have swimming lessons (though I don't need them; I just wanna swim!) at least once a week.
  • Bowling. I've told my friends that I'm gonna join the Milo Sports Clinic but they said I should not.
  • Watch a movie everyday! I've been consistent with this, so far. :D
  • Learn Hangul. Period. No, make that exclamation point, too!
  • Go blog hopping again. Just like the old times.
  • Shop for... clothes, DVDs (fake DVDs :P), gadgets, everything!
  • Watch as many good Korean/Japanese series/movies as I can.
  • Travel. Surprise, surprise! B-)
  • Prepare myself emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, intellectually and all the -lys for college!
That's all for the list. I wish I could DO all of them. To be productive, first and foremost, is my goal in listing these instead of facing the laptop from morning to the wee hours in the evening. BTW, the watch-a-movie-everyday part? I just wanna share with you how it's been going:

March 29 - Death Note (Japanese Movie)
March 30 - A Tale of Two Sisters (Japanese Movie)
March 31 - Death Note: The Last Name (Japanese Movie)
April 1 - Romeo and Juliet (Japanese Movie)
April 2 - Fast and Furious (American Movie) You gotta watch this.
April 3 - Definitely, Maybe (American Movie) Isla Fisher, I love you! As a fan, K. :))

Watch this, people! :D
There's Sandara O Park!

What a kiss, Min Ho.
Could there be any way that you could close your eyes and let us feel that you felt it?

SoEul!!!!!! (AnyCall)

So fine I'm gonna add more to this post. Boys Over Flowers just ended last Tuesday and I was sad. Really sad. That was the version where they had the most handsome F4 ever! Srsly, don't you think so? Yeah, whatever. I just know you do. I'm sad :(

Speaking of Koreanovelas, we went to 168 a while ago after the McDo interview and it was oh.. so not planned. We got there just to get DVDs. No, buy DVDs. So what did I buy? Korean series & movies. Ugh. Call me a fucking fangirl, cause I ain't. I just love watching Koreans! I find them and their culture interesting.

  • Snow Flower with Kibum in it :"> (I just found out Lee Teuk was in "All About Eve")
  • Fated To Love You (MySoju takes a long time to load on this one.)
  • I Am Sam (Yes! A T.O.P drama.)
  • Gokusen III
  • And some random DVD with movies in it. You get what I mean, don't you? :>

K, so I've got to end this post now. Or else I won't finish watching Koizora! :">
Todo el mundo buenas noches! :*


♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

aww..i hate the feeling of not seeing my friends when i so expectantly want to see them. but I'm glad that per\t society made you feel better!:) haha i love PS too!:) my pet's name is mintii, whats yours?:)

anyhoo, haven't seen F&f 4, but if you say its a good movie I'll add that to my must see movie list!:)

hmm..what team manila shirt? I like the nilaga shirt they have hehe. what are you wearing?:)

Ishna Probinsyana said...

I am a late bloomer in Pet Society. lol So yeah, I;m kind of still addicted. It'll pass soon.

I wanna watch F & F already, but I promised by brother that we'regonna watch it together!

Yes, andaming plans for summer! Sana mag materialize lahat! Good luck!

I've watched the MV a million of times already! HAHA. So addicting! :)

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

i enjoyed reading your blog entry :) to which review center do you go to? mind exchangin links? i'd love to continue following your stories. do visit me back. hope to hear from u soon! <3

Bianca said...

OMG. I wanna watch Fast&Furious 4! Haha. I haven`t watched recent movies lately. :D

Frances said...


Ditto! I hate it more when they're late :P Cascade ♥

Yay. It was cool! :D

Frances said...


Ako ayoko na. :)) Pare-parehas lang yung ginagawa. Haha.

Aaww, bonding? Have fun during the summer! :D

Frances said...


Sure! :>

Frances said...


Watch it, watch it, watch it! Hahaha. Wala kasing masyadong magandang movies right now eh... I'm excited for Transformers, though :)

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