Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Developing Permanent Stiffed Neck-edness.

Clockwise from upper left: (left side)
some building in Macau City, a part of Senado Square,
Casino Lisboa, Venetian Hotel Resort, Macau Tower,
a part of Senado Square.

Right side from top:
A view from the plane (Inbound Manila) &
inside St. Lawrence's Church

Hey!! I'm back online and from Macau. (more pictures here)
I had fun there but I was kind of disappointed since I didn't expect there to be such a high-class city. But anyway, I still bought things... clothes.

First two tops from Giordano (HK$270)
& the other two from Zara (HK$239)

Speaking of Zara, I was surprised that Levi's was a lot more expensive than the former because here in our country, their prices are so close to each other. There are lots of thrifty stores there. No let me repeat that one. All of the stores there are thrifty: Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, whatever. Just name it!

So yeah, we visited historic places there by walking. I don't know how many miles was that but I'm sure it was really long. There are the pictures... if you want more (AGAIN!) click this. BTW, I've entered a casino already! Woo, under the age of 18... 'twas cool but there was a lot of smoke.. cigarette smoke =))

Oooh by the way, belated happy birthday to Ate Ava! :D

It's been a while since I posted a picture of a birthday celebrant (who's also a blogger) here that's why I'm doing this again! :D

UST's having their Enrollment Procedure this month and people are so harassed in going there!

You know what's ironic about life? It is when you got through all that hassle and sweat and stink and wastedness and end up... HAVING YOUR PICTURE TAKEN FOR YOUR ID. - blogged by a friend

HAHA. Wala lang, natawa lang ako. It's because I can imagine my friend's face in her ID picture which isn't very pretty.

Okay. Anyway, I'm going to use my old blog for sharing: movies & songs. I won't assure you that it would be all English, though. There has to be something Korean!

(I want to watch MatsuJun's new drama already D:)

The watched movies list this summer:
March 30 - A Tale Of Two Sisters (Korean)
March 31 - Death Note (Japanese)
April 1 - Death Note: The Last Name (Japanese)
April 2 - Fast & Furious 4 (American)
April 3 - Definitely, Maybe (American)
April 4 - My Sassy Girl (Korean)
April 5 - Windstruck (Korean)
April 6 - The Haunting of Molly Hartley (American); Wolverine (American)
Apri 7 - Started & Finished Koizora (a Japanese series)
April 8 - Enchanted (American)
April 9 - Slumdog Millionaire (British) DEV PATEL!
April 10 - Bring It On 4: All Or Nothing (American)
April 11 - Stomp The Yard (American)
April 12 - Kickin' It Old Skool (American)
April 13 - Death Note: L Change The World (Japanese)
April 14 - He Was Cool (Korean)
April 15 - DoReMiFaSoLaSiDo (Korean) JANG GEUN SUK!
April 16 - Antique (Korean)
April 17 - Step Up 2: The Streets (American)
April 18 - Fly, Daddy, Fly (Korean) LEE JUN KI!
April 19 - Ba:Bo (Korean)
April 20 - The World of Silence (Korean)
April 21 - A Man Who Was Superman (Korean)

Quite a list, eh?
I wouldn't make this any longer by ending with a Kibum video! :D

PS: Lee Jun Ki & Jang Geun Suk is mine! =)) K.
PPS: Twitter is fun! Add me. :D

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Alex said...

macau? wow. isa yan sa mga gusto kong mapuntahan.

You know what's ironic about life? It is when you got through all that hassle and sweat and stink and wastedness and end up... HAVING YOUR PICTURE TAKEN FOR YOUR true. nako nung first time ko mag enroll syempre super haggard and all na and then they tell you to "please go to counter 5 to get your id photo taken" and i'm like whaaat? hahaha!


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