Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That's The Remedy.

It's July 19 and after this day, it's gonna be a month since I updated. Well, it actually wasn't because of the "sorry, I'm busy" type but more of me being lazy. Laziness I say? Blame Facebook, I know you know why.

So, first and foremost, all I can say about college is that it's fun with my ever-funny blockmates, Block IITS! ;)

07/14 in between break and a class.

The "section 1 IITS" with Chary and Tiara
are from the second section.

First week of university life was much stressful especially that I really feel it in my back. Stress was all around my body and I thought massage was so essential that I had it. Okay, back to the block. I was anxious to enter college and before the first day, which was June 21, I felt what most college freshmen people had [felt]: nervous about the first class, the professors and of course, blockmates and classmates. And since I had PE as my very first subject ever there at the university, I imagined our PE class to be so much rigorous because it's college, okay. Fortunately, though, we didn't do much on the first day: we just had to have this physical exam thing.

(I'm arranging my thoughts, there are many.)

Every week passed by just any other with pictures. My blockmates love taking pictures. Disregard the v word, please. We went to watch movies and we enjoyed each other's company.

And just this Friday we -- there were about 16 of us (out of 40 something) -- went to Eastwood to watch Harry Potter 6 when everyone else's school was suspended. So, in that picture we still have 5 other blockmates who were MIA, at least in the picture.

So yeah, we watched the 6th installment of Harry Potter and I tell you, it's so much better than Twilight. I meant Harry Potter in general so haters, excuse me for a moment. I know some of you didn't really enjoy it but I did especially the part where Ron was like a lunatic.

Ron: It's beautiful, isn't it? The moon.
Harry: Divine. Had ourselves a little late night snack, did we?
Ron: It was on your bed, the box, I just thought I'd try one.

The downside was that Dumbledore died. I even cried, seriously. I haven't read the 6th book yet so it was very much surprising that this event happened. Sorry for this emotional part but Dumbledore has been part of the series ever since... year 2000. It's just really... sad.

Enough of the Harry Potter madness now and move on, shall we? So, we have this Hatch Week at school where we had to wear themed clothes the whole week.

Monday: High School Uniform Day--- very much awaited! :-bd
Tuesday: Retro Day
Wednesday: UN Day
Thursday: Geek Day
Friday: Get Fired Up! Day

So yeah, I need help? Especially on the UN Day. I would like to be more of a Chinese. Haha! Everyone's worried about this so am I! Naki-ride na lang ako :-bd And I have to do this NSTP reaction paper shiz to be passed on Wednesday so therefore, I have to shut up now.

:D I missed blogging!

It's Super Junior for you! ;;)
And oh, Hyuk's hair's red!

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