Wednesday, September 29, 2010 I know where Jay Park-ed!

Yes, apparently, he stayed at Dusit Thani Hotel Manila until a while ago when he left for Korea and he is to return later for his fanmeeting on Sunday.

Although I really wanted to go to his event, I won't 'cause I think God has already given me His will not to go since I already have met him face-to-face during the press conference last Wednesday and a while ago in Showtime. Then again, I'd love to receive a free ticket for the fanmeet and maybe sell it? Haha, I'm kidding.

Without further ado, here are some few images you'd have to see last Wednesday when I went out of my way to just see him. Also, if you may ask if I was allowed to freely watch him during the press conference... I wasn't since I'm not any of the invited guests. I was able to have pictures, however, because of my friend who worked for MYX. And for that, thank you! <3

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Indeed, Pinoys are crazy fans! Remember the undergarments ELF threw during the SS2?

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Plus, yep! I want everyone to see this! A picture of me and Ms. Anne Curtis! Hahaha!
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PS: Video of Jay Park performing "Demon" coming right up! ;)
PPS: Support our group, Technicolor! <3

Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you know where Jay Park?

Sometimes, I find me asking myself, who is Jay Park? I mean, I'm not or was not one of the Hottests who faithfully devoted time to defend him during his "exile" as a 2PM member... or rather as the leader of 2PM. Why do I even bother to waste my precious time finding ways to win tickets for his fanmeet on Saturday?

For one, maybe he's got the sense of humor I want from a guy. Even his ex-2PM members love him for that! He can make goofy expressions on-and-off cam and he doesn't even make an effort on showing it. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch Wild Bunny, you're gonna love him to bits watching that show!

Looking for a hot blooded man with chocolate abs? Search Jay Park on Google and it'll give you what you want!

This man doesn't have his abs for show and display, he's got the awesome dancing talent that you've been waiting for to witness. Plus, he's got a YouTube channel for you to check out his smooth grooves and B-boying with AOM.

What's that song? "Beautiful girls all over the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasted... they got nothin' on you, baby" Sounds familiar? This man doesn't only dance but yes, he can sing too! Rap, ballad, name it!

Lastly, what makes my heart melt when I hear the name "Jay Park" (and the best reason why I adore him) is the sweet smile he has that he never lost despite the odds that he may have experienced in the past year. If you must remember, his Myspace account was hacked and THE numerous and outrageous gossip (if you believe they're news, then it is) came out, we almost never heard the end of it until he decided to quit as a member of 2PM. Anyway, past is the past. Jay Park is not only a man of great smile and talents. He's also someone who should be admired for the love for his fans which was shown through his perseverance and determination to continue his true passion for entertaining people. His music which has travelled far and wide across the globe influenced me to pursue any dream I want to pursue in this world with the same expression on my face... a smile that can unite people together.

Jay Park? 10점 만점에 10점!!

Manila Concert Scene is on Blogspot!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you believe in happy endings?

Midsummer Night's Dream, another epic creation of the world's greatest William Shakespeare, was brought to life by Michael Williams in the University of Asia and the Pacific last September 24, 2010.

Quite frankly, I wasn't enticed to watch it at first because my impression of it was that it is another old story brought to play. I even hesitated to watch it and let go of my potential bonus points in English. My assumption, however, was entirely false. The play didn't not completely involve romance, revenge or other serious stuff and rather, the actors made it more fun to watch because of their acting aside from the fact that this story was intended to be comedic by Shakespeare.

There, I was taken aback by this play since it was the first time I ever watched a play based from a creation of Shakespeare. Although the "thee," "thou" and "willst" have seriously (but not literally) bled my brain, I say it's a one good play!

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Hermia (Roan Ng) and Lysander (Daryl Zarraga)

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This is such a nice family portrait isn't it?
Clockwise from top left:
Demetrius, Lysander, Hippolyta (Ria Ortega), Theseus (Micko Yabut), Helena and Hermia

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The awesome "acting troupe" (Wikipedia, n.d.). Click this to more know about them.

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It is true. Love truly finds ways.

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The cast after the play.

Monday, September 13, 2010

So Long Weekend

The long weekend started off with my Twitter status as:

No, scratch that. My weekend started with preparations for a surprise party for one of my first friends in college. That day have I only realized that doing such surprises can be of so much hardwork and sweat, literally.

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These sweet stuff by Blushing Cupcakes served as her birthday cake.

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The girls of the group plus some of the boys at the back.

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The birthday girl who was sabog as we were because of the heat while doing this little guessing game... she guessed whose gift was given by whom.

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The after party? Some shiz over at Cantina, Katipunan.

The whole surprise thing was pretty amazing since we made Irmay cry during her sister's video for her (she said it herself!) which was one of the main goal of this aside from, yes, surprising her. Plus her mom's all go for it!

Belated Happy 18th, Irms >:D<

The night of September 9 didn't end with Cantina but it ended with few laughs with my dearest high school friends.

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Den, Me, Jamie and Tam getting vain early in the morning.
(This was taken with Tam's camera)

And now, moving to the more exciting part of that day, I'll take you to McDo Metropolis in C5 where Tam's brothers arranged a surprise kiddie party for her 18th. It wasn't wholly a surprise, however, because the celebrant is a very keen observer.

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Tam's birthday cake :D

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Cheers for high school and 18 years!
(Photo taken by her brother)

This part ends with a belated happy birthday, Tam! >:D<

Two long days have gone but this doesn't end the jampacked weekend! After Tam's party, my family decided to have a dine-out in Eastwood. Yes, all I did was eat :(

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Kamayan blues at Seafood Island!

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The very much alive nightlife before 12MN.

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While waiting for the rest of the family to settle down again in Seafood Island, my father
uncles decided to have some session and that left us with DQ!

That, folks, ended September 10. Of course, we also went home after that.

For this post's conclusion, here are photos from Rain's live concert at MOA which was named Intensity. We had to stand up for 6 hours (5PM - 11PM) straight for this but yes, it's still worth it with these people :D

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Looking for something hot? We're here!
From center, counter-clockwise: Me, Ate Malen, Sensei, Jea and Nathan!

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U-Kiss performing "Bingeul, Bingeul"

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This was absolutely the highlight of my night. Sorry, Rain.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Awesome family time with food

It's not everyday that we have this kind of family time, only the three of us, where we dine out and share stories about what happened during the day.

Dining out has always been like one of the habits everytime we get to somewhere urgent. This time, I had to get my newly-fixed camera in Cubao. And since my father always prefers to eat at home 'cause he thinks that "homemade food" is the best which was entirely true. Then again, some dining out calls for fun, doesn't it?

We ate at Gloria Maris which has the best Chinese cuisine ever! (At least, the best from the ones that I have tasted)

Yang Chow rice

The best lemon chicken in the house!

Mixed dimsum with Japanese siomai (hidden) and the "ordinary" siomai, some siopao, I think, lumpiang shanghai and that jellyfish thing

Seafood beancurd, my father's favorite

My mother and I after having our stomachs fully restored. Look at how hungry we were!
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