Friday, September 3, 2010

Awesome family time with food

It's not everyday that we have this kind of family time, only the three of us, where we dine out and share stories about what happened during the day.

Dining out has always been like one of the habits everytime we get to somewhere urgent. This time, I had to get my newly-fixed camera in Cubao. And since my father always prefers to eat at home 'cause he thinks that "homemade food" is the best which was entirely true. Then again, some dining out calls for fun, doesn't it?

We ate at Gloria Maris which has the best Chinese cuisine ever! (At least, the best from the ones that I have tasted)

Yang Chow rice

The best lemon chicken in the house!

Mixed dimsum with Japanese siomai (hidden) and the "ordinary" siomai, some siopao, I think, lumpiang shanghai and that jellyfish thing

Seafood beancurd, my father's favorite

My mother and I after having our stomachs fully restored. Look at how hungry we were!


outcastxnomad said...

Good family ties will be strongly bonded when you are having fun. The dishes look nice.

Alex said...

Okayyy I regret visiting your blog. Nagutom tuloy ako! =))Yangchoooooooooooow!

Have you tried David's Tea House? They have pretty awesome Chinese food too!

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