Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you believe in happy endings?

Midsummer Night's Dream, another epic creation of the world's greatest William Shakespeare, was brought to life by Michael Williams in the University of Asia and the Pacific last September 24, 2010.

Quite frankly, I wasn't enticed to watch it at first because my impression of it was that it is another old story brought to play. I even hesitated to watch it and let go of my potential bonus points in English. My assumption, however, was entirely false. The play didn't not completely involve romance, revenge or other serious stuff and rather, the actors made it more fun to watch because of their acting aside from the fact that this story was intended to be comedic by Shakespeare.

There, I was taken aback by this play since it was the first time I ever watched a play based from a creation of Shakespeare. Although the "thee," "thou" and "willst" have seriously (but not literally) bled my brain, I say it's a one good play!

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Hermia (Roan Ng) and Lysander (Daryl Zarraga)

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This is such a nice family portrait isn't it?
Clockwise from top left:
Demetrius, Lysander, Hippolyta (Ria Ortega), Theseus (Micko Yabut), Helena and Hermia

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The awesome "acting troupe" (Wikipedia, n.d.). Click this to more know about them.

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It is true. Love truly finds ways.

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The cast after the play.


outcastxnomad said...

The last time I watched a play was approximately 4 years ago during grade school days. I want to watch a play, like right now.

Reading your post made me look up to UA & P.

Off topic, let me just ask you a question. Was the UA & P entrance exam hard?

frances said...

You should watch more plays! :) They're really entertaining.

It's level of difficulty really depends on who's taking it but anyway, for me, it wasn't that hard. The actual school days are more difficult... so full of papers.

outcastxnomad said...

Yeah. But my school now doesn't offer me plays. T.T

I'm actually planning on taking the entrance examination but I'm too... well... I'm afraid for rejection. I don't know if ever I'll get accepted. I'm not that smart. Did you take review lessons before taking the exam?

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