Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you know where Jay Park?

Sometimes, I find me asking myself, who is Jay Park? I mean, I'm not or was not one of the Hottests who faithfully devoted time to defend him during his "exile" as a 2PM member... or rather as the leader of 2PM. Why do I even bother to waste my precious time finding ways to win tickets for his fanmeet on Saturday?

For one, maybe he's got the sense of humor I want from a guy. Even his ex-2PM members love him for that! He can make goofy expressions on-and-off cam and he doesn't even make an effort on showing it. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch Wild Bunny, you're gonna love him to bits watching that show!

Looking for a hot blooded man with chocolate abs? Search Jay Park on Google and it'll give you what you want!

This man doesn't have his abs for show and display, he's got the awesome dancing talent that you've been waiting for to witness. Plus, he's got a YouTube channel for you to check out his smooth grooves and B-boying with AOM.

What's that song? "Beautiful girls all over the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasted... they got nothin' on you, baby" Sounds familiar? This man doesn't only dance but yes, he can sing too! Rap, ballad, name it!

Lastly, what makes my heart melt when I hear the name "Jay Park" (and the best reason why I adore him) is the sweet smile he has that he never lost despite the odds that he may have experienced in the past year. If you must remember, his Myspace account was hacked and THE numerous and outrageous gossip (if you believe they're news, then it is) came out, we almost never heard the end of it until he decided to quit as a member of 2PM. Anyway, past is the past. Jay Park is not only a man of great smile and talents. He's also someone who should be admired for the love for his fans which was shown through his perseverance and determination to continue his true passion for entertaining people. His music which has travelled far and wide across the globe influenced me to pursue any dream I want to pursue in this world with the same expression on my face... a smile that can unite people together.

Jay Park? 10점 만점에 10점!!

Manila Concert Scene is on Blogspot!

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ishna said...

I love him! I was just starting to love 2PM when the MySpace controversy came out. It broke my hear when I saw him left Korea and how he bowed non stop before boarding the plane.

At least he's doing okay now. :D I'm happy he's doing okay.

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