Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello, hello! ♫♪♫

Instead of possibly bringing down everyone's spirits this night because of my supposed-to-be very emotional post about my incomplete grade in Computing (the worst "grade" you can get than a 3.00), I'd like to commend everyone's efforts during the DCDC auditions! Yeah, I'm still kind of not over it yet since I still view random videos of random groups I come across on Youtube. In this post, though, I'll put every chosen cover group's available performances in YT here for my future --- and maybe yours, too! -- references. For what? In the future, I might answer that. And, yes, my current playlist includes SHINee's "Hello."

Want to judge? Be my guests!

(Videos are posted according to the Dream Concert Dance Cover line-up on December 29 as posted by the KPop and Culture Fest people.)

4NE1 in a recent performance other than the DCDC auditions

One Minute Girls (OMG) - "HUH"

I.Wonder - "So Hot"

KARAmilla - "Lupin"

Miss.tery - "Bad Girl, Good Girl"

13Seouls - "Sorry, Sorry"

T-aramisu - "Bo Peep"

Cyber Swiss Girls - "La Cha ta"

V1stAr - "Shady Girl"

Panic - "Sign"

BLAQlist - "Y"

BEST - "Shock"

TVXQute - "Mirotic"

Ku-Kiss - "Bingeul Bingeul"

B.Guz - "No One"

Teen Tough - "Clap"

2Pi-em - "Again & Again"

ElementShine - "Ring Ding Dong"

As for D'Boss, the cover group for D-NA, I can't seem to find a video of any of their performance.. Might as well serve as a surprise for everyone! And speaking of cover groups, Technicolor will be at the Philippine KPop Convention's Garage Sale in Eastwood at November 6 so don't miss that out, okay? :D

PS: Please, please watch Technicolor's! Analyze it if you can and tell me what needs improvement. Comment here, tweet me or whatever. Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scream not for it's free!

(Lame title for this post... I have lame titles anyway. Hahaha.)

Early this morning, I had absolutely no plans of going out. All the things I should've done has been all planned out like to try out splits, watch episode 6 of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and watch S04E06 of Gossip Girl. Only the last part was accomplished and as usual, my well-planned out schedule turned into ashes as Cy texted me that our agenda for today to watch the 2PM-10PM three movie screenings for the Korean Horror Movie Festival is going to push through. The best part was that I was all game for it unlike the usual "tinatamad ako" sentimiento.

Good thing that Nixie came with us, though, cause it was hell lotta fun, baby! :)) So, to make the long story short, we watched only two movies, "The Red Shoes" and "M." The former was quite interesting only because of the awesome shoes while the latter.. let's not talk about it 'cause I missed parts of it because I slept.

2010 Korean Horror Movie Festival
The movie paper thing we desperately wanted which the
Shang cinema people are giving out at the counters.

The Red Shoes

Cutie Pie Ribbons
Nixie, Cy and I before watching the "Red Shoes" at 5PM!

Nixie and Cy
Few more shots with our lucky tickets before watching "M" at 8PM!

I've got lots of funny stories to tell but I'm really tired right now and it's... 2AM. Plus, the fact that I already need to sleep because I can hear my stomach growling.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

90 and keeps getting better

Yes, this is my 90th post of this blog's life and hopefully, it keeps getting better.

Blue and White II
A photo I took last summer during our literally hot trip from Singapore.

I think I'm reaching the peak of my anxiety at this exact time because apparently, grades are supposed to be released by today and I only have those of the 4 subjects namely Arts, Biology Lab, Biology Lecture and Networking. Fortunately, I have 3 out 4 of these which has surprisingly high scores. I'm not really good at sharing my achievements so please pardon me. Arts, however, was the one wherein I got the most surprising one since frankly speaking, I tried (I mean really tried) to comprehend what we were talking about in class since this Arts subject is solely about film. For the subject's first paper, I had the highest score in my life but for the remaining ones, I guess my enthusiasm went downhill and got even lower ones. Anyhoo, let's not dwell on the past shall we?

Moving on, I guess I have a what you call smooth-sailing sembreak right now. What I meant is that I'm in between the good and the bad stresses.

The good (so far):
  • Yesterday, Technicolor had yet another fun memento at Arysse's house. Our agenda included remixing our entry for the Dream Concert Dance Cover on the 29th of December. The remix was quite good although the process was undoubtedly tiring. Nonetheless, the feeling of accomplishment overrides those stressful moments! We also had the chance to judge the other groups' peformances during the DCDC auditions.
  • On Thursday, we (Nixie and I) have scheduled a super bonding moment at the Korean Horror Movie Festival at the Shangri-La Plaza. This should be like my highlight of the week :D Plus, on that day, Philippine Kpop Convention will be releasing the ones who will perform for the KPop Garage Sale at Eastwood on November 6... I hope our group gets in!
  • And on Sunday, I'm definitely going to the Philippine Fashion Week to watch Michelle Lim's Fashion Show! Special thanks to Kuya Kim!
  • October 31 - November 1 marks another year to visit our long gone loved ones... some of which I truly miss!
  • Around the early days of November the group will, again, perform at another KFest Management auditions. Yes, I have chosen this path alongside my IT career. Hahaha!
The bad:
  • After what seems to be a solemn day, UA&P have their sophomore students in which I am a part of to enlist on November 2. Although we, IT students, are privileged to have the pre-enlisted subjects, I still don't know whether I'm ready for school again.
  • Oh, the grades! Don't kill me please :( Yes, I am nervous too.
  • I have another 1,000,000 idle moments to bond with this laptop during my "home stays."

Venetian Hotel Resort

There, I have chosen to end this post with a photography demo of mine (PM if interested!). Hahaha, I'm kidding. This place, though, was in the Venetian Hotel in Macau which we visited during the 2008 sembreak. It's really an awesome place with all those fake clouds and the Italian feel! And with that, ciao!


I randomly saw this on Tumblr and this perfectly sings my life right now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First and Last Day of the Week Debuts

Enchees' Party

Credits to Dale Ligon for the photos.

Nixie's Party

One of my greatest high school friends, Nixie, just had her 18th birthday celebration a while ago at the Zong Restaurant in Centris Walk, Quezon Ave. It was a small dinner party she had with her family and some of her high school friends and family friends.

My gift for Nixie! A made-to-order soap I bought from the Soap Factory in Megamall. I was one of the 18 ribbons she chose for her party. I didn't have the slightest idea by then on what to give her except to give her something with Doraemon in it. That didn't push through because it's really hard to decide if she already has the same thing I'm supposed to buy instead... whatever, you get what I mean. Hahaha.

With the debut girl herself! >:D<

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yes, we are... Technicolor!

Okay, so after three weeks of preparation, we finally got to perform at the Dream Concert Dance Cover auditions last Sunday, October 17, 2010!

I'll just put here everything we went through the day itself, before and after our long-awaited debut stage performance. Hahaha. So at around 8:30 AM, we met up at Arysse's crib for the hair preparations however, as expected, some went there late and we didn't get to finish. An hour later, after eating pancakes by the host's mother, my parents fetched us to go to the venue. Right then and there, we went straight to Cyberzone and had our group registered and not to mention that the first people we recognized there was T-aramisu which had our friend, Lindsay. After some "tour" around the booths, we decided to go to Ali Mall to have our hair fixed and had our make-up! (Thanks, Cy Castro, for the photos!)

As for my newly cut bangs, I must say that it's really impromptu since I finally decided to have it cut the day itself so everyone who saw me was kind of surprised.

At the dance studio a day before the auditions.


And, lo and behold! Here's our performance's video:

I must share that around this time, especially at the beginning, I was really catching my breath. It must be really the tension, eh?

I can really say that this opportunity was, as Mel would say it, destiny since for the first try, we weren't able to get in the list but after a week, I saw Rainbow's cover group list incomplete. Also, as first timers, it was really a great opportunity and exposure! (I sound like I'm making a formal write-up!)

Finally, I want to thank the people who supported us:
  • My parents - Even though, I always leave home early and return really late, you've always encouraged me. THANK YOUUU! <3
  • Cy, Arysse, Mel, Filane, Nikki and Ayeza - We did it, guys! Way to go! :D Let's do better okay?
  • The people close to our hearts who came to support us even though they didn't catch us perform since we were queued earlier than the original time... thank you for your efforts! Next time, may banners na dapat ah? Hahaha. I'm kidding.
  • To Arysse's housemates aka her family, thank you for the accommodating us everytime we had practices.
  • To Cy's family, also, for that one time big time practice at her house. I love the nilagang baka! Hahaha.
  • To Filane's tita and older brother, thank you for that one fun time at your house! And, of course, for the pizza.
  • To Mel's and Nikki's family, thank you for bothering to watch our performance :D
  • KPop and Culture Fest - for the nth time, I'm thanking you for this one-of-a-kind event where we showcased our talents -- hidden or not.
  • God - Major, major thank you for this. Quite frankly, this increased my self-esteem. (Haha) This is all for you!

I didn't even know I could dance!

Catch us on December 29, 2010 at the SM Megatrade Halls 1 and 2! :D (Technicolor fanpage)

PS: It sucks to have no Adobe Photoshop on this laptop :(

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just your collection line, easy access line... A, A, A!

This will be the first time I'll ever be ranting about this topic.

Recently, my schedule's been pretty hectic with lots of final requirements I have to pass in order to get a very refreshing and worry-less semestral break and for the past two weeks, I'm also busy practicing with Technicolor.

So, what's Technicolor? It's a group I have with my other six high school friends who're also into Korean pop to audition for the up and coming KPop Nation on the December 29th this year. Apparently, the amazing group who came up with this idea of introducing KPop and Culture Fest to the KPop community, I must say, is a really great move. First, this event does not only aim for people to advertise their idols through selling fandom stuff and giving out flyers but it also showcases KPop fans' talents through dancing and singing songs their idols have popularized throughout these years. Second, it introduces a new level of Korean pop here in the Philippines. The truth is, I'm totally not a fan of KPop being televised here in the country through MYX on top of it all however, the support idols have been garnering through their fans are very overwhelming. Look here in the country, even though we're miles away from Korea, we find ways to give our support and take Super Junior's 4th album few months ago, there are widespread fan pages in Facebook encouraging people to buy this particular album from certified sellers whose sales can be counted in the Hanteo Charts. Third, in one way or another, it initiated for Filipinos to be open to other genres of music other than those which are sung by Regine Velasquez and Parokya ni Edgar (the group I idolize the most, imo).

Well, of course, it has its downsides. Since KPop is only starting its way here in the Philippines, stars from Korea are now rushing to go here thus, limiting the funds of their fans. It's really sad because tickets are really pricey for an ordinary Filipino plus considering the fact that we're not a rich country. Some students, in truth, are ready to sacrifice their health to save money by not eating their lunch to just watch their idols live... in flesh. These sacrifices then lead to more serious dangers to the health which I need not elaborate more since it's already self-explanatory. Thank you, though, to those organizations, fan clubs and individuals who are more than willing to provide raffle draws for tickets. Also, it has brought a debate to whether this genre of music should be accepted in the Philippine music industry because people think that KPop fans who have no idea what they're singing about are stupid to love an alien culture. Even our president, Noynoy Aquino seems to be very agitated with the issue that at one point, I heard on the radio that he is going to ban KPop songs from playing anywhere in order to promote OPM more.

© Arysse Sanvicente (Woo Ri)

Okay, enough with all these KPop issues and I'll share with you what our group is. Technicolor is a 7-member group including yours truly who is going to cover KPop group, Rainbow, through dancing and lip-synching. The famous "abs dance" is what we will be performing. Here's an idea of what that is:


And I got the role of Hyun Young, the maknae or the youngest member. Quite frankly, I'm anxious about already going to perform next week since it's been years since I last performed on stage. Anyhoo, I hope we get to be chosen for the Dream Concert during the KPop Nation itself ;) Fanpage link on the lower part of my blog! Please support us!

PS: I'll drop by your pages soon!
PPS: Sorry for an grammatical errors here. I just rushed this blog post. Hihi.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I can't get no... satisfaction.

Chocolate Panna Cotta served during Agie's 18th party.

Technically, for me, satisfaction spells f-o-o-d most especially desserts. I mean, doesn't these food fill your heart with joy? Heehee :3

Anyway, instead of going to Jay Park's fanmeet last Sunday, I decided to sell my free gold ticket courtesy of Maslow just for the sake of my SS3 savings. Plus, it was a Sunday night and I live in the other side of the SMX Convention.

My father and I decided to have a bonding moment at French Baker, MOA thereafter since my mother was M.I.A due to some meeting she had to go to. Since I was super duper mega exaggeratedly hungry, I decided to screw my supposed-to-be diet and ordered a slice of oreo cheesecake and a clubhouse sandwich!

The fun time doesn't end with that, though. My father and I seldom have moments like these where we get to talk random stuff about his work and mine. Being the quiet person that he was, however, he just listened to me blab about school (e.g. programming, my desire for the Biology exemption... the list goes on) and our upcoming EK trip during the sembreak with my blockmates. Setting aside the emotional part, I think it was an ├╝berly touching moment to finally catch up with my father :)



Trial Light Photography
Fail light photography!