Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello, hello! ♫♪♫

Instead of possibly bringing down everyone's spirits this night because of my supposed-to-be very emotional post about my incomplete grade in Computing (the worst "grade" you can get than a 3.00), I'd like to commend everyone's efforts during the DCDC auditions! Yeah, I'm still kind of not over it yet since I still view random videos of random groups I come across on Youtube. In this post, though, I'll put every chosen cover group's available performances in YT here for my future --- and maybe yours, too! -- references. For what? In the future, I might answer that. And, yes, my current playlist includes SHINee's "Hello."

Want to judge? Be my guests!

(Videos are posted according to the Dream Concert Dance Cover line-up on December 29 as posted by the KPop and Culture Fest people.)

4NE1 in a recent performance other than the DCDC auditions

One Minute Girls (OMG) - "HUH"

I.Wonder - "So Hot"

KARAmilla - "Lupin"

Miss.tery - "Bad Girl, Good Girl"

13Seouls - "Sorry, Sorry"

T-aramisu - "Bo Peep"

Cyber Swiss Girls - "La Cha ta"

V1stAr - "Shady Girl"

Panic - "Sign"

BLAQlist - "Y"

BEST - "Shock"

TVXQute - "Mirotic"

Ku-Kiss - "Bingeul Bingeul"

B.Guz - "No One"

Teen Tough - "Clap"

2Pi-em - "Again & Again"

ElementShine - "Ring Ding Dong"

As for D'Boss, the cover group for D-NA, I can't seem to find a video of any of their performance.. Might as well serve as a surprise for everyone! And speaking of cover groups, Technicolor will be at the Philippine KPop Convention's Garage Sale in Eastwood at November 6 so don't miss that out, okay? :D

PS: Please, please watch Technicolor's! Analyze it if you can and tell me what needs improvement. Comment here, tweet me or whatever. Thanks a bunch!


landel cruz said...

they're all good. For there efforts, all of them deserve to win.

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thewhitecamera♥ said...

They are all good.

Mariel said...
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