Tuesday, October 26, 2010

90 and keeps getting better

Yes, this is my 90th post of this blog's life and hopefully, it keeps getting better.

Blue and White II
A photo I took last summer during our literally hot trip from Singapore.

I think I'm reaching the peak of my anxiety at this exact time because apparently, grades are supposed to be released by today and I only have those of the 4 subjects namely Arts, Biology Lab, Biology Lecture and Networking. Fortunately, I have 3 out 4 of these which has surprisingly high scores. I'm not really good at sharing my achievements so please pardon me. Arts, however, was the one wherein I got the most surprising one since frankly speaking, I tried (I mean really tried) to comprehend what we were talking about in class since this Arts subject is solely about film. For the subject's first paper, I had the highest score in my life but for the remaining ones, I guess my enthusiasm went downhill and got even lower ones. Anyhoo, let's not dwell on the past shall we?

Moving on, I guess I have a what you call smooth-sailing sembreak right now. What I meant is that I'm in between the good and the bad stresses.

The good (so far):
  • Yesterday, Technicolor had yet another fun memento at Arysse's house. Our agenda included remixing our entry for the Dream Concert Dance Cover on the 29th of December. The remix was quite good although the process was undoubtedly tiring. Nonetheless, the feeling of accomplishment overrides those stressful moments! We also had the chance to judge the other groups' peformances during the DCDC auditions.
  • On Thursday, we (Nixie and I) have scheduled a super bonding moment at the Korean Horror Movie Festival at the Shangri-La Plaza. This should be like my highlight of the week :D Plus, on that day, Philippine Kpop Convention will be releasing the ones who will perform for the KPop Garage Sale at Eastwood on November 6... I hope our group gets in!
  • And on Sunday, I'm definitely going to the Philippine Fashion Week to watch Michelle Lim's Fashion Show! Special thanks to Kuya Kim!
  • October 31 - November 1 marks another year to visit our long gone loved ones... some of which I truly miss!
  • Around the early days of November the group will, again, perform at another KFest Management auditions. Yes, I have chosen this path alongside my IT career. Hahaha!
The bad:
  • After what seems to be a solemn day, UA&P have their sophomore students in which I am a part of to enlist on November 2. Although we, IT students, are privileged to have the pre-enlisted subjects, I still don't know whether I'm ready for school again.
  • Oh, the grades! Don't kill me please :( Yes, I am nervous too.
  • I have another 1,000,000 idle moments to bond with this laptop during my "home stays."

Venetian Hotel Resort

There, I have chosen to end this post with a photography demo of mine (PM if interested!). Hahaha, I'm kidding. This place, though, was in the Venetian Hotel in Macau which we visited during the 2008 sembreak. It's really an awesome place with all those fake clouds and the Italian feel! And with that, ciao!


I randomly saw this on Tumblr and this perfectly sings my life right now.

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