Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes, Senioritis is My New Best Friend.

Okay, swear.
I ♥ HIM.
Okay, so who's him?

T-O to the P, y0? (T.O.P, man!)
Can be.

Lee Min Ho...
Surprisingly, he's the only second.

So, who'stheluckyguy?

Guess who. :D
Shh, Ate Ishna! HAHA

I just fcking came home from school and I've got tons of work to do. But I wouldn't start right away because, well, I'm lazy again and so I'm blogging this. :>

  • Teenstar Project
Hay na'ko. I need to do this like NOW. Tomorrow's really late already. I'm doing a Powerpoint for it and I'm gonna show it to you (uh, hello? echo! echo!) when I'm done with
  • Computer fcking project
I really need to do the coding and all. Our project's all about doing a web design for our school. I know, pahirapan siya and not to mention that it's all about CSS, man.

  • Hmmm. Actually, the third one's not really important. I should watch Boys Over Flowers. The 15th episode and I'm more than excited! :">
God, I'm feeling the senioritis whatever-chuva-it-is now. Wish me luck!

PS. People, I'm gonna link you when I'm DOOOONE with all the fcking shits we have to do.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

There's Nobody Else.

1) The kind of iPod you have:

2) The last color you painted your nails:

3) Your favorite type of dessert:

4) The last book you read:

5) The last type of pen you used:

It was black, though.

6) What you are currently wearing:

7) What you currently hear:

Love is Colder Than Death - The Virgins

8) The kind of makeup you use:

9) Where you last went shopping:

10) High heels or flip-flops:

11) Your favorite kind of lip gloss / balm:

12) Random picture of a celebrity you like:

He's my brand of heroin ♥♥

13) Your favorite kind of cookie:

14) The last album you listen to without skipping any songs:

15) The last artist/band you added to your iTunes:

16) Earrings or necklaces:

17) Your favorite bath and body works product:

18) What your hair straightener looks like:

19) The last alcoholic beverage you consumed:

20) What you last ate:

21) What your writing looks like:

22) The last computer game you played:

23) Your favorite board game:

24) Your favorite flower:

25) The last movie you watched:

26) The most recent picture of you:

27) A picture of you deliberately posing:

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