Sunday, February 22, 2009

There's Nobody Else.

1) The kind of iPod you have:

2) The last color you painted your nails:

3) Your favorite type of dessert:

4) The last book you read:

5) The last type of pen you used:

It was black, though.

6) What you are currently wearing:

7) What you currently hear:

Love is Colder Than Death - The Virgins

8) The kind of makeup you use:

9) Where you last went shopping:

10) High heels or flip-flops:

11) Your favorite kind of lip gloss / balm:

12) Random picture of a celebrity you like:

He's my brand of heroin ♥♥

13) Your favorite kind of cookie:

14) The last album you listen to without skipping any songs:

15) The last artist/band you added to your iTunes:

16) Earrings or necklaces:

17) Your favorite bath and body works product:

18) What your hair straightener looks like:

19) The last alcoholic beverage you consumed:

20) What you last ate:

21) What your writing looks like:

22) The last computer game you played:

23) Your favorite board game:

24) Your favorite flower:

25) The last movie you watched:

26) The most recent picture of you:

27) A picture of you deliberately posing:


Anonymous said...

Frances! Yay for your new blog.:) Hahaha. I wonder what's with the new URL? Anyway, I miss playing Need for Speed.:| I'm craving for Guitar Hero right now, honestly. Gaaah!

Jam said...

Gaddd. Didn't know about this "new blog" you have. :DD IMY! :)

"♥"Nikky said...

wow....Boys Before Flower avid viewer k rin pla!

Big Bang listener din ako eh! ahehhehe!

Frances said...

Ate Patty! IMY! Well, wala akong maisip na ibang URL eh. So yeah. I really haven't played Guitar Hero eh. :))

Sorry, Ate Jam :) I guess it was kind of short noticed. Hehe.

Yay us, Nikky! :D

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