Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food overdose

Some of my recent food consumption at Yabu, Orchard Road (both at SM Megamall) and Blenz Coffee (in Makati). :) Food should be the best stress reliever ever, don't you agree?  

Have a great week, everyone! :)

PS. I finally sold my camera to buy a new one thus, the sucky phone resolution. 
I'm considering a Canon D550 or D600, though. Thoughts? 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your highness

Guess who's back from an unannounced hiatus! I can finally smell the summer breeze and internship interviews have already been lined up. Of course, it's Him up there who I should be thanking to for everything. I hope I could get an internship position, though, before the Holy Week.

Speaking of internship interviews, I had one just this morning at an IT company in Makati. While I was passing time eating an apple cinnamon cupcake at Blenz Coffee near the building, I saw this amazing blog which left me undoubtedly wanting for more thus, endless backreads of the said blog. Thank God, I had my laptop with me! I guess what makes this different from other blogs that I have followed for sometime was that the pieces he wore were really unique. You wouldn't actually imagine a normal guy --- yes, he's a "he"! --- wearing something as striking as this: (I just have to commend him for having the guts to wear this!)

Introducing. THE Paul Jatayna.

Necklace from OS Accessories in which he's one of the owners:

During the time that I was strolling through his blog, I kept thinking on how strong his fashion statement was, at least to me. I could see in the Tokyo-like fashion which seldom people could barely look good with. Well, except if you're actually from Tokyo. 

Check out his Lookbook and blogs (1, 2) to be amazed as I am! 

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