Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scream not for it's free!

(Lame title for this post... I have lame titles anyway. Hahaha.)

Early this morning, I had absolutely no plans of going out. All the things I should've done has been all planned out like to try out splits, watch episode 6 of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and watch S04E06 of Gossip Girl. Only the last part was accomplished and as usual, my well-planned out schedule turned into ashes as Cy texted me that our agenda for today to watch the 2PM-10PM three movie screenings for the Korean Horror Movie Festival is going to push through. The best part was that I was all game for it unlike the usual "tinatamad ako" sentimiento.

Good thing that Nixie came with us, though, cause it was hell lotta fun, baby! :)) So, to make the long story short, we watched only two movies, "The Red Shoes" and "M." The former was quite interesting only because of the awesome shoes while the latter.. let's not talk about it 'cause I missed parts of it because I slept.

2010 Korean Horror Movie Festival
The movie paper thing we desperately wanted which the
Shang cinema people are giving out at the counters.

The Red Shoes

Cutie Pie Ribbons
Nixie, Cy and I before watching the "Red Shoes" at 5PM!

Nixie and Cy
Few more shots with our lucky tickets before watching "M" at 8PM!

I've got lots of funny stories to tell but I'm really tired right now and it's... 2AM. Plus, the fact that I already need to sleep because I can hear my stomach growling.

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outcastxnomad said...

Where did you get those ribbons on your hair? They are soo cute.

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