Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Makes It Hard...

to be a KPop fangirl?

Apparently, Rain will be coming on September 11 here in the Philippines to have a major concert. (Shame on you if you don't know him and haven't watched any Full House episode EVER) U-Kiss will be returning here for the third time already with him. Too bad, though, that MBLAQ isn't the "surprise guest." Everyone was like expecting them already since they're under Rain's entertainment agency, JTune. Frankly speaking, what convinced me to watch his concert was the fact that MBLAQ is coming and so is Lee Joon! But he won't. *cries* I'll just stick to Kiseop in the mean time.

Next stop is Jay Park's upcoming fanmeeting on October 3rd.

I just wish God will pour money upon me... and all of his people D:

October 23rd marks Singapore's KPop Night which will be such an EPIC concert which will feature 6 AWESOME Korean groups: Big Bang, FT Island, SNSD, Infinite, SHINee and DNA! I was wondering, though, since it's our semestral break around that time... what if I go there?

No, I'll just dream and let it fade away. Lalala~~

Last but not the least, the Super Show 3 here in Manila!

There still aren't official announcements of what ticket prices will be but I feel assured that they won't be higher than last year's. Thanks to its organizer.

Anyway, I'm still thinking about how I would be REALLY noticeable at that concert. Maybe I should put an outrageous glow-in-the-dark pink wig so that even if it's dark, they'll have their eyes fixed on me, what do you think?

PS: I'm thinking of shifting to Wordpress...


ishna said...

Now that I have so much time in my hands, I'm really trying to catch up with the KPOP world. Grabe lang. Ang daming bago. :-S

And I heard that Rain and Ukiss will be in Manila for a concert. Aaah.I'm not yet willing to spend money on concerts.. Pero kapag Big Bang, 2NE1 or SNSD dito sa Manila, willing ako!lol

You know what, I'm beginning to like all of the SuJu members. Dati kase Siwon, Kangin, Leeteuk and Donghae lang ako e. :))

Singapore's Kpop Night. Sheesh. Bigbang and SNSD, plus FTI and SHINee! Sana madami din akong pera!

If you're shifting to somewhere, dont forget to let me know! :) Sorry naman ang haba ng comment ko. LOL

fmvl23 said...

Thanks for the long comment, really :D

Super fan ka talaga ng Big Bang and 2NE1 'no? As in grabe talaga yung sa Singapore :(( I'll do whatever just to go there!

Good thing that you're liking Suju already! <3 I'm still sad they're not complete anymore. Know what I mean? Especially Kibum, we just see random photos of him online without any attached news.

Anyway, maybe I won't shift anymore 'cause I got quite satisfied with this layout xD

Kaisa said...

I know this may sound weird but I feel like medyo naiimpluwensyahan na ako ng lahat mga kPop fans na kadorm ko. Dati kasi as in walang wala akong alam sa mga Shinee, Suju, chener na ganyan tpos ngayon kilala ko na sila. Hahahaha.

At nabalitaan ko rin yung kay Rain sa mga blocmates ko. Hmm. I just feel like sharing. Haha.

I miss you Ate Frances. ^o^

fmvl23 said...

Update me if you like them already! xD Achievement yan pag na-memorize mo na names ng mga nasa Suju. Hehe.

I miss you too, Kaisa! And all your Y!M jokes :))

Alex said...

Ugh. Nung kelan ko lang kasi nalaman na pupunta pala si Rain! Sayaaaang! Ininvite na ko ng friend ko manood eh kaso kapos ako sa budget. Eh I'm saving up for Jay's visit pa!

Pero grabe pag pumunta 2NE1 and Big Bang dito!!! I'll do anything! Hahaha! I've even told my Mom na I am going no matter what and she can't stop me! =))

I like your layouuut!

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