Sunday, March 1, 2009

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun

This is THE idea of what our fourth year life is and it's gonna end soon on the 28th of March.
And tomorrow, FINALS start! \m/

In the beginning was the "weekend". It was long and dull, but the seniors were happy.
But the School loved the seniors so much and wanted holistic formation for them...
So the School said, "Let there be minor subjects!"
And, to the seniors' utter horror and dismay, there were minor subjects... eight awful and equally horrendous minor subjects,
And the School called the minor subjects, "electives".
And the seniors said, "Yeah, right."
And the School said, "Let minor subjects have authority to give projects."
And there came TeenSTAR.
And PMS ate up the first day.

But the seniors were happy and thankful for not having classes on a Monday, too.
And the School said, "The Physics Lab Test is not enough. Let seniors have something long and tedious and completely unnecessary to do on their 'holiday'".
And behold, there appeared PROSEC and its Home Delights.
And PROSEC required a 5-page paper on how learning how to put on make-up had saved the seniors' lives.
And Home Delights ate up the second day.

And now school had come and the seniors filed into their rooms.
And they were excited to find out the CommArts Week results.
But the School said, "Tough luck. We'll tell you next week."
And the seniors groaned with disappointment.
And the school saw it was good.
And the School said, "Let clubs have the power to give bigtime projects"
And the Journalism Club made its members produce a 10-minute documentary.
And the School said, "Let there be no sleep for seniors tonight."
And CSS was born.
And the seniors asked, "So, how do we do this?"
And the School said, "Figure it out for yourselves."
And the seniors begrudgingly laid out the school's good points in a multi-page website.
And the School saw it was good.
And CSS ate up the third day.

And the School said, "Let there be a mass for Ash Wednesday."
And the School saw the bags under the students' eyes.
And the School said, "If you dare go to the clinic to sleep, you die."
And the seniors said, "Could you please at least extend our break?"
And the School glowered. "Five minutes."
And the seniors were strangely zombie-like for the rest of the day.
And the School said, "The seniors need another minor subject fix."
And Finale software came into existence.
And the School said, "Give me a CD of the song. And the musical notation. And the rhythmic notation. And the chords."
And the seniors asked, "What's the difference, anyway?"
And the School said, "Diniscuss ko 'yan."
And Finale software ate up the fourth day.

And the School said, "Minor subjects must give both practical and written tests."
And semaphore appeared before the seniors.
And the seniors asked, "Left or right? Mirror image ba?"
And the School said, "Just do what I do and you'll have a practical test in five."
And the seniors were taught semaphore in different directions.
And the School saw it was good.
And the seniors said, "Hey, at least we reviewed for the Music long test."
And the School said, "Oh yeah, what you reviewed isn't included."
And the seniors said, "WTF is this?!"
And the School said, "Diniscuss ko 'yan".
And the seniors failed.
And the school saw it was good.
And the seniors said, "We still studied for the Track and Field quiz in PE."
And the School said, "Two-thirds of that quiz will be about sports nutrition instead."
And the seniors said, "Sports what?"
And the School said, "And after that you'll be having a practical on throwing a heavy ball, and you'll have to go through this fake obstacle course."
And the shot put ate up the fifth day.

And the School said, "Let the seniors not enjoy their last regular school day."
And teachers walked out of their classes.
And people broke down from the stress.
And the lack of sleep.
And so much more.
And friends made everything better. :)
And more friends trespassed and everything was GREAT. :D
And School saw what it had done, and decided it was brutal enough.
And sleep came for the seniors on the last day.

This is gonna be rocking.
xoxo's to you, Bianca.


Ishna Probinsyana said...

Good luck on your exams, frances! God bless!

Arli said...

Wow angcute non. Haha
THanks frances. Good luck sa finals niyo rin! Imagine, magcocollege na tayo! I want to see you frances. 8D

Alex said...

May bagong blog ka na pala. =)
Good luck sa finals!

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